Monday, September 06, 2010

it's just another manic monday

i'll be the first to admit it: monday mornings are tough. they're especially tougher when you've spent the entire weekend sleeping, and then you find yourself wide awake at 1 a.m. monday morning, unable to sleep, insomnia made worse by menstrual cramps brought about by crazy ovarian cyst.

i should know -- that's how things were for me last night, or rather, early this morning.

anyway, alarm clocks notwithstanding, i woke up late, and ended up getting to work late, which was made worse by three phone calls where i was especially nasty (translation: just not my usual nice self) to the callers.

exhibit a: all i wanted to say is i told you, give it up, and things aren't going to get better IMHO.

exhibit b: short cut version of our conversation was you were terrible inconsiderate for someone who's not paying me to be her lawyer.

and, exhibit c: i turned into a tattletale by bypassing the person herself, called her immediate superior and complained in no uncertain terms about the subordinate's shabby work performance.

harsh, yes. especially when i've a million and one things to address, none of which i actually want to do. phooey. can't it all be hunky dory happy like my new favorite client?

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