Tuesday, June 28, 2005

sana friends kami ni kris aquino*

i, the girl who likes all things coach, kate spade, and jimmy choo, for some reason, feel no affinity towards louis vuitton.

maybe it's the fact that it's the most faked pattern ever.
maybe it's cause i read somewhere that not even the LV store in greenbelt can say whether your LV is real or not (they have to send it over to france to have it checked there).
or maybe, just maybe, i was one of the few many who never understood what the charm was with those crazy multi-colored monogrammed bags.

honestly, that was downright tacky.

but then i got myself a back issue of harper's bazaar (feb 2005) and there on one of the pages was louis vuitton's happy cherries bag.

and finally, the girl who refused to buy her first ADULT purchase in the form of a louis vuitton damier bag, fell in love with something from the summer collection.

i want, but unlike coach bags that miraculously appear from kind cousins-in-law and kate spade shoes that can be bought with 13th month bonuses, this is one thing that i cannot definitely work in my "bum-on-an-allowance" budget.

*last summer, alma moreno guested in the buzz during her birthday week. kris aquino asked alma what she wanted. alma said, a louis vuitton bag, and kris, after pausing for a minute, said ok, she'll send it within the week, otherwise, she won't be kris aquino. i wonder if alma did get that bag...


lifestyle asia and the philippine tattler and all the chi-chi magazines are raving about aranaz bags.

last sunday, i checked out their bags in rustan's shangri-la. cheapest was around 5k. the lovely bag i salivated over? 7k.

today, i organized my bags. and what do you know.

i actually own an aranaz bag.

Monday, June 27, 2005

i know i've been pretty much of a snob when it came to the "music survey" people have been passing around. i haven't answered any of them, in spite of the fact that gary and pam have both tagged me. i don't know. blame it on the fact that (1) i have zero bytes in my pc for music, (2) that i don't buy CDs (i just "appropriate" them from people, or they burn songs for me), (3) that instead of music i always have the tv on (blame it on the fact that i've missed television the last five years i was holed up in the UP dorm system), and (4) that most of the songs i listen to are old, passe, and generally, well, weird.

let's just put it this way: i'm not exactly a music person.

and since my dad won't be reading this at all, i can honestly say that the only reason why i wanted an MP3 player was because it seemed like everyone in the APS library had one ... and it seemed like they were getting more studying done than i was.

but now i've got my ipod mini ...

and so it's a toss between (1) rosa will be a music person or (2) rosa will get a whole lot of studying done.

so far, so good.

Saturday, June 25, 2005

hindi naman ako pangit diba?ok.

i do admit i'm not the hottest thing on the planet. and i do admit that sometimes, guys i date fall for me not because of how cute or pretty i am but because of the fun they have with me in terms of conversation and what not.

i think miranda (from sex and the city) put it best when she said "sexy is what they think of me after we've had a long conversation."

anyway, self-deprecating remarks aside, i'd like to think i'm not bad on the eyes. and while i can sure lose a few pounds, i don't think my weight will threaten any guy's car's shock absorbers. i'm healthy. i went to a good school and am hopefully going to be a lawyer soon. i speak ok english and i'm fun to be with. i believe in god, and i have some savings in the bank. i'm paying for my own car and i smell nice. i don't think your friends will laugh at you if they see you with me.

i don't get it. if i'm all those, why am i alone on a saturday night?

Thursday, June 23, 2005

same time tomorrow...

my calendar... and my lame at forgetting pat.... i'll have my hands on a pink ipod mini my dad got for me. i know i'm going to fill it with "real" songs or songs i really like instead of filling it with songs i wouldn't mind people hearing. and so, my pink ipod mini will be full of britney and backstreet boys and zsa-zsa padilla's version of hiram, which happens to be one of my ultimate filipino songs ever, especially since the time when one of my good friends from high school found out i've been crushing on the guy she wanted me to hook her up with.

... i'll be in edsa shangri-la with my aunt and brother. i'll probably run myself a warm bath, drop my lush youki-hi ballistic in it, and enjoy the lovely tub while reading jurado's commentaries on property.

... i'll have spike back. with much texting, and the promise that i'll go out to dinner with him, my insurance guy did everything in his power to get back my car to me within two weeks.

of course, it goes without saying that tomorrow i'll still be missing my ex-boyfriend and tomorrow, i'll still be way behind my study schedule. tomorrow, i still would not have my appetite back (i still end up eating one meal a day)and i'd still have spent a whole lot of money today on random stuff. i'll also still be dreaming of that fino planner that's selling for 50% off (forget the fact that i already have a fino planner) and i'll still be lusting after the heart keychains in a variety of candy colors.

but who cares? with the promise of black eyed peas' new song on my ipod (thank you favorite cousin!), it doesn't really matter, does it?

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Nobody said it would be easy,
No one ever said it would be so hard.

-The Scientist, Coldplay

talk about motivationit's been a while since i was up at 6:30 a.m. whereas i used to be in the office by this time, something about being an unemployed bum makes me sleep until i hear my magtataho shout out.

while the alarm clock, free will, and mental conditioning have all prevented me from waking up at 6:30 as i had been planning the last couple of weeks, apparently a nightmare involving your ex-boyfriend's family will effectively wake you up this early. and, no, they didn't haunt me like ghosts nor did they drag me across the floor like some crazy telenovela. in the dream his parents had dinner with my family, apparently to discuss how my brother wanted to court his little sister and how it was ok with them. the nightmare part? well, they didn't even know i existed nor that he and i were together at all last year. and somehow, to drive the point home even more than ever, they should me a picture of him when he was highschool or something, just so i'd have an idea about how their son looks like.

two things.

first, the family issue has always been a big issue between us. save for his sister (who proceeded on ignoring me the entire time), i never met his family. while we managed to set up two of our friends together (and they're still going on strong to this day!), he has effectively managed to avoid introducing me to the people who meant the most to him.

second, for all my talk about forgetting him and not wanting to be with him anymore, i still love him. while micah was right in saying that the days between the ups and downs will get longer and longer, right now, i'm so low i'd probably date that guy who struck a conversation with me in the bus had he been less chatty when all i wanted to do was sleep.

when we were fighting so much i couldn't even remember the good times we had. i knew breaking up was going to be terrible. but it's been almost three months since. i never imagined it was going to be this difficult.

Friday, June 17, 2005

i must start this off with an apology. if you're my friend and i've asked you more than once the question "why do you think pat calls once a week to make small talk?" then i'm sorry. i know i can be a tad very makulit when it comes to my relationship issues.

but, because of what came in the mail yesterday, thanks to mIna, you my friend have been spared of a whole lot of late night conversations that revolve around the single topic of pat's ten-minute phone calls.

i now know why he calls. because he misses me.

now, you might say, "well i could have told you that, you didn't need a book to tell you that!" and i agree with you BUT what you weren't able to tell me was the fact that while he misses me, THE THING THAT MATTERS IS THAT HE STILL DOESN'T WANT TO GET BACK TOGETHER WITH ME. of course he misses me, he broke up with me. and of course he'd call me regularly, after all, he's been doing it for a year and we've been basically each other's best friend while we were dating. but that's all he's doing and frankly, in my still lovelorn state, it's not enough.

meanwhile, while he's getting his act together, i will go on that date with my insurance guy, enjoy dinner with the one person who appears to be absolutely fascinated with me right now, and rest in the knowledge that my new friends at he's just not that into you have affirmed all throughout their little book - that yes, i am a hot little thing and that there's someone out there who will want this hot little think for life.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

owing to several things - lack of a working airconditioner, television, an inviting bed, and lack of cooked food - i decided to venture out to study today instead of staying in. armed with a thick reviewer that i know i can't finish even if i read half as fast as harry roque, my banig of biogesic, and a resolve to get some serious studying done, i hitched a ride with my brother to festival mall to study.

my day started decently - i immediately headed for my favorite pancake house to have my first real meal in days. there i decidedly stayed put until i finished nachura's chapter on international law. sick of the industrial strength electric fan aimed at me, i moved over to starbucks where i secured my favorite chair and began plodding through the local government code.

i was feeling mighty proud of myself. save for the expenses i've incurred because of food, i haven't given in to the insatiable urge to shop. and, while being on my ass for more than 6 hours straight just studying wasn't something i've done in the past, i wasn't afraid to do it this time around. it is going to be the bar examinations in three months, and three months is even shorter than my ill-fated relationship with universal pangit.

shopping resultsi guess i gave myself a pat on the back too soon. by 7, my brother arrived and he dragged me to a sports store where there was a sale. and, while digging through piles and piles of shirts, he found it fit to point out a pair of lovely shoes and a cute pink shirt that would just be perfect for me.


i may not be getting a whole lot of studying done, but i sure am getting a lot of shopping.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

anatomy of a fever

on the first day, you actually look forward to it. after all, who wouldn't want to stay in bed all day, watch television, and sleep whenever one feels like it?

on the second day, you enjoy the fact that you're getting thinner. your lack of appetite plus the fact that you sweat like a pig after taking in medicine is helping you lose the pounds.

on the third day, you begin to feel guilty. after all, two days of rest is long enough, especially when you've got the bar clock ticking. you try studying but sitting up for long periods of time make you feel dizzy and woozy. plus, you're running out of medicine and staying at home WITHOUT family and with only your young brother with you isn't exactly the kind of nurturing you need.

on the fourth day, you're mad at yourself. you begin to assess all those times you refused to take in vitamins simply because you don't like any form of medicine. you try to do everything to feel fine, so you can make it to the bar review class but the thought of you collapsing in the middle of rockwell isn't something you're looking forward to.

if this doesn't go away tomorrow, it'll be day five.

please don't make it reach day five.

Monday, June 13, 2005

having been accused of being an imelda by some friends, i realized that it was about time that i gave away some of the shoes i haven't worn in a while. i went through some sixty or so boxes of shoes, hemmed and hawed about which to give away and which to keep, and within an hour, came up with ten or so pairs that i told myself i wouldn't really miss.

quite generous i might say.

shoe give awaybefore i had a chance to change my mind, i hauled the boxes outside, place them beside the trashcan and hoped that some girl out there would fall in love with them, take them home, and enjoy what joy these old shoes can still give to a budding imelda.

after an hour, i checked again. they were gone, all gone.

happy with my generous spirit and with the very organized shoe area, i took a bath and readied myself to get some serious studying for the day. it was then when i began feeling a bit woozy.

maybe it's just cause i'm tired, i told myself.

i took a nap. i woke up. i woke up with a real kick ass fever. and that's how it's been for me since saturday.

apparently, being away from spike will only make me evil. being away from spike + giving away ten pairs of shoes will make me sick. very sick.

sick in bed

Saturday, June 11, 2005


what's a girl to do if she can't decide between the two?

she gets both. (p.s. they're cheap, and they're simply divine that you just can't leave one of them, right?)

and that's how, my friends, imelda was able to amass all of those shoes in her closet.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

no more driving in traffic, at least not for three weeksdear evil person at the law school parking lot,

we have a problem.

this morning, i parked spike in law school. spike, as you very well know, has a couple of scratches here and there, nothing major. but spike did not have a huge dent on his bumper.

when i came back, there's a huge dent. it could fit a melon.

and i believe that YOU, yes you evil person, are the cause of that dent.

i'd hate to say this to you, and i'd hate to wish this on anyone, it being bar season and all, but you just don't walk out on my damaged car without so much as leaving a phone number. you just don't do that.

so here's my curse: may you fail when you take the bar. may your evil sneaking out after you've hit my car follow you to your grave. and may you never ever have a good recitation again. may you have magi for PIL and PRIL, four sisons - if not more - and may catindig choose you to be the person he'll fail that year. may you have dannycon for all the subjects he teaches and may dangat hate you enough to fail you.

that view you see on the left? i won't have that view for at least three weeks. no car, no means of transportation. i'll be COMMUTING you evil person. it's not that i mind commuting. it's cause i MIND now that it's raining every single day, and i MIND cause i have no choice.

and insurance participation? you evil pot of sh*t! that's going to cost me more than that lovely pair of nine west shoes i chose not to buy yesterday.

i hate you, oh yes i hate you.

your worst nightmare,


Monday, June 06, 2005

shelfat some point this month, i know i better start cracking the books, becaue the last two months have been spent half-heartedly trying to get my rhythm.

apparently, bringing my labor reviewer everywhere isn't going to hack it.
neither is sitting in my favorite coffee shop (although i did finish four chapters when i studied there with bestest ex a.)
going to the province means time chatting with my aunt more than studying.
and staying at home, forget it. i actually got a tv schedule printed out on my bulletin board.


today, after one last indulgence lunch (meaning lunch with a good friend that's going to take time off studying) i plan to head off to ateneo to attend review classes again. tonight's going to see me studying like i've never studied in my entire life. and hopefully, i can carry this on until i sit in that nice little chair in la salle on that first sunday and begin what would determine the rest of my life.

Friday, June 03, 2005

happy birthday to my hot ninang celia!

tita celia
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