Tuesday, October 31, 2006

you know you haven't had a real crush in ages when something like having "narda" in his cd collection makes you think that yes, god has meant that two of you to be together from now till all eternity.

ok, from now until the next amazing person comes along. but then again, who knows, i am going to be 30 real soon and if i don't settle down anytime soon, well, my grandmother might just take my cousin's suggestion to pay someone off to marry me.

it's funny though how i can be so giddy over a boy having "narda" at the same time i am contemplating over adopting a real live baby. see, i went to tagaytay with my AG this weekend and as a birthday outreach, our AG leader took us to LAHI. now, on any given day, i'd enjoy hanging out with a roomful of kids. but then by the time it comes for us to leave, i'd be pretty much ok with leaving the kids there. this time, i felt something inside me when i held this 6-month old boy, tristan. that feeling when you're ready to give up your shoe obsession so you can buy pampers and milk and what not.

but then again, maybe not.

anyway, i'm supposed to be on my way to cabanatuan right now and guess what, i'm here, in the mall, surfing, blogging, and what not. i've every intention of going home to cabanatuan (and get that bag i want from tita celia) but then again, who knows. at the end of the day, there's a huge possibility that watching an entire season of supernatural might win out on a never-ending road trip.

see you all soon, and happy halloween. i know mine is. ;)

Thursday, October 26, 2006

i am still alive.

and while it may seem i've every intention of deserting this blog, be not mistaken. my desire to broadcast my life (to the bewilderment of my uncle) to the entire world is still there.

probably there just hasn't been much to write about. i mean, the bar is, well, the bar. it was shitty. i hated taking it again. it was four sundays of trying to prove myself worthy to be called a lawyer, not that the question of who the president of the international court of justice is and what his nationality is should have anything to do with trying to measure my lawyerly-aptitute.

gah. if you're going to be just like the million and one people who asked me how the bar was, well, don't expect an intelligent answer. you'll be getting the same answer i've given everyone. TAPOS NA. beyond that, i refust to think about what i've written down or what i'll do if i flunk it again, or even what i'll do if i pass. just keep the bar examiners in your prayers. pray that they like my answers and pray that, just like me, i don't think the four ACIDS and the four INS of justice panganiban is a relevant question in mercantile law.

really, it was dumb.

don't you agree?

moving on.

i've been consumed with my newly-purchased dvd (yes, i just got my first dvd player a month ago. i'm a loser i know.) and watching anything and everything i can get my hands on. so far, i've watched the korean telenovela "forbidden love", seasons 1 & 2 of grey's anatomy, season 2 of lost, seasons 1 & 2 of dr. house, seasons 1 & 2 of the 4400, and commander-in-chief. i would have gone on to watch all three seasons of nip/tuck too had my brother not told me to wait for him before i get started on those. bah. now i'm left with nothing to watch. so i'm consuming the entire sandman series. those and work. rosa the government employee is trying to make up for a month and a half worth of decisions and resolutions and well, chika with the officemates.

my lovelife is zilch, although there was a bar boy but bar boy wasn't even worthy to be called a bar boy for he, unlike the other boys, didn't do anything for me during bar season. THAT was a complete waste of time. and there's forbidden boy, who clearly from the monicker, shouldn't even be in the radar. i still pine for pldt boy. so there, keep him in your prayers too. say something like, "god, rosa wants two things only: to make the bar examiners like her answers so she'll pass and for pldt boy to like her back." that shouldn't be too hard, right?

anyway, if you're happy i'm back online and blabbing, well you gotta thank pam. if she hadn't texted me this afternoon asking for me to write something, well, i wouldn't be here.

and oh pam? thank you again for the opportunity.

p.s. keith and anna, this post's for you guys.
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