Friday, April 13, 2012

collect moments, not things

a long time ago, right after i sort of regretted picking the mini lin over the monogram, i told myself that i'll get myself a monogram speedy 35 when i turn 35.

that was last march. so far, i don't see any additional louis in my closet.

i did surprise myself by taking an almost impromptu trip to singapore. i hadn't really budgeted for it, and most of my good friends didn't even know about it. but when i'm tired or stressed or lost, i think of the weekend i spent walking around the city with my cousin, the sunday riding coasters with a friend, or the saturday night i met up again with a friend i used to spend hours talking to and i know in my heart that while a speedy 35 would look insanely amazing on my arm, not getting one isn't something that's going to haunt me on my death bed.

so last weekend i was able to go up mayon volcano. and while i didn't get to swim with the butandings, i did give it two tries. the money i spent could've gone towards renovating the master's bedroom + bath, but i had fun, got to know my friends a bit more, and chalked up another city on my list.

as someone living on a single income, and someone still trying to figure out what exactly it means to be an adult, there money that comes every payday can only be stretched so much. oh i won't deny how much i want to buy those platform pumps at payless, but for now, between the pumps i've been eyeing for more than a month now and treating my boss + secretary on account of my regularization, i think i'll opt for the latter for now.

experiences before things. yes, that's my motto for now. and maybe, just maybe, by the time i have extra money for those platform pumps, they'll be on sale :)

Thursday, April 12, 2012

my lenten vacation

this year, instead of just doing our usual bisita iglesia, my tuloy friends and i decided to go on a full-fledged out of town trip and went to bicol. as is always the case when i travel with these guys, it was an amazing trip. bullet points:

* the less people, the more manageable the trip. four has always been our magic number.
* pick travel mates who aren't fussy, who share the same interest that you have, and who either take the lead or take a back seat. leave back in manila all those with opinions but never do anything but complain. they're an unnecessary waste of space, hahaha.
* snoring isn't a problem when all of you are crazy tired. everyone will just be dead to the world. and if someone complains about snoring, then leave that person back in manila next time, hahaha!
* if you have a tendency to overpack (like me!) bring a trolley. at least you don't have to carry it all on your back. and you don't have to wait for someone to carry it for you.
* on a 12-hour++ bus ride, sit beside a like-minded person. if you're madaldal, don't sit beside the person who'll be asleep way before the bus leaves alabang viaduct.
* and, oh, bring a pillow + blanket + wear sneakers with socks if you're the type who gets cold. no use giving yourself unnecessary woe when the bus gets deathly cold.
* all it takes is one companion with a dslr camera. your point-and-shoot will see less use than your phone with a data plan.
* research, research, research! and then when you're there, relax. your watch is only to make sure you don't miss your ride. everything else is one vacation time.

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