Saturday, September 18, 2010

same place, different country

i'm at that famous coffee place with a two-tailed siren, in a huge mall in the middle of the metro.

translations: i'm at a starbucks in megamall .... except that this one's not in ortigas but midvalley, kuala lumpur, malaysia.

it's almost the end of our trip. we've learned so many things from one another, and we've enjoyed so many experiences together. had my first taste of hainanese chicken rice, and machang soft serve ice cream. i know that ate cathy cannot sleep with the lights on, that kuya ralf has a wicked sense of humor, and that kuya efren will still treat us even if he's down to his last ringgit. me, i'm still OC and bossy as ever ... and thank goodness they still haven't killed me yet.

whoever asked me why the hell we opted to go to kuala lumpur, well, boo to you. this was one of my best trips ever -- the company, the food, the experiences, and, as you must expect by now, the shopping.

more stories to follow, with pictures to boot, but for now, good night. i've a date with the line at petronas tomorrow morning.

2 said hello!:

chan said...

hi ms. rosa!

so, sa malaysia pla ung mini-vacation mo akla within Pinas lng.. eniway, enjoy sa bakasyon mu nd looking forward sa updates mo bout KL trip!

one year mo na kong avid readers, nd evryday ko tlga chinecheck ang blogs mo kung my bago kang post.. enjoy a lot reading ur blogs..

take care ms. rosa nd enjoy! :D

roxy said...

hi chan! thanks for visiting my blog and for being an avid reader. i hope that i'll continue to write things that will interest you.

ingat ka lagi diyan sa ibang bansa! god bless always.

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