Saturday, September 02, 2006

same time, tomorrow, i'd be an hour into my political law exam. as with last year, the first week will be "my week" as both subjects happen to be the ones that made all the years in law school worth it. i loved everything poli, and even loved more anything labor so tomorrow - while not a breeze - is something that wouldn't weigh as heavy in my heart as the second and third sundays.

i've received "i know you'll do well" text messages, promises of prayers, and anything and everything by way of sending me off with all the luck in the world. members from my alnp community have prayed over me and have given me thousands of "god bless" kisses and shoulder taps. right now, my aunt and her entire family are ignoring me in their bid to make me study one last time before i stop at five this evening.

panic has begun creeping since thursday evening. in one swoop, all the calmness that has pervaded me the last five months disappeared and stupid concerns such as "who will i eat lunch with" and "who will be there with me" crept into my consciousness. whatever adrenalin rush that has propelled me to study every single day since april 1 dissipated and left me bone weary. i am tired, and scared, and fearful of facing the twenty to fifty questions each examiner will throw my way starting 8 tomorrow morning.

but, this is the rest of my life. this IS my life. this is what i am supposed to do best.

and with that thought, i bid you all again a temporary farewell for the next 28 days. wish me luck.
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