Tuesday, June 27, 2006

right now every single joint in my body is painful. it's so awful that not even that lovely grande cup of mocha valencia helped me finish that chapter on appeals. i took a tablet of biogesic with the hope that i could at least finish a couple more chapters before heading home but when the words stopped making sense and began swimming in front of my eyes, i knew that it would take every ounce of my strength to make it home.

somehow i made it home and while i feel good enough to go online and blog, i'm at the point that not even the thought of watching the last couple of episodes of my girl at work tomorrow can probably make me get out of bed at 630 am.

but then again, who knows. knowing me, by 8 am tomorrow, i'd probably be ready to go to work all over again, slight fever notwithstanding.
fueled by my desire to lose weight and grossed out by my massive image in my pretty pink gown, armed with the knowledge that skipping rope for ten minutes will burn as much as the calories burned running for half an hour, and challenged by my own goal of losing 30 pounds before the day i turn 30, i bought myself a jumping rope.

at first i wanted to get the one made by nike but considering that it costs almost a thousand pesos, i rationalized that so long as it, well, turns and forces me to jump up and down, it'll make me lose as much weight as, say, the 65-peso rope they were selling at sportshouse.

it's going to take a week or two before i can make a report about any progress i've made. but right now, all i can say is that after five minutes of skipping in my living room, i'm just about ready to die.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

the perfect weekend means finding the perfect pair of shoes to match a lovely gown

for more than half a year, I've been searching for the perfect pair of shoes to go with my pomelo pink gown for anna's wedding.

one pair that would've been perfect was too expensive. another one looked too much like "palara". there was this one pair that was my "default pair" - meaning in the event i can't find anything else i'd buy it to end the search - but every time i felt like giving up already, i couldn't bring myself to do it.

somehow, at the back of my mind, i was probably envisioning my prince charming slipping that garter up my leg and seeing my feet clad in less than perfect shoes. for a shoe-obsessed girl, that would be a definite no-no.

and so everytime there was a sale, i'd go around the mall looking for the perfect pair. and everytime there wasn't, i'd go around the mall looking for one still. it came to the point that i was ready to buy this cheap pair of silver shoes as my "emergency pair" - just in case i never get to buy one and it's her wedding before i know it.

but, patience is a virtue and for the first time, i tried to be patient (7 months, baby!) and prudent (don't buy something i actually won't wear) and smart (try on every single pair even if you don't really like it) and i was rewarded.

i got the perfect pair. it matched my gown, it fit me perfectly, and it cost around four grande glasses of chocolate cream frappuccino only.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

why does it take you forever to find the perfect pair of shoes when you're rushing?

why is it that there's always a perfect pair of shoes for something else?

why is it that the less you eat the more weight you gain sometimes?

why is it that you find out your major crush will attend the event five minutes after you've decided not to attend?

why is it easy to speak english in a room full of tagalog speaking people but virtually impossible to string words together in front of one person who can't understand a word of tagalog?

why is it that after you've gotten every last bit of emotion towards your ex he makes an appearance and because of it, you are reminded of every little thing that made you fall in love with him in the first place?

why is it that money never seems to last until the next pay day?

why is it that after you've gotten your study groove you realize it's either too late or its time to leave already?

i'm convinced that there's a conspiracy.

Friday, June 16, 2006


it began with a text message. since i lost a whole lot of numbers when i switched phones, i thought it was someone whose number i didn't have. and so i asked, "sorry i don't have your number, who's this please?"

the person replied something like, "but i love you judith" so being the romantic i was, i spent another peso to inform the person that no, this isn't judith.

i thought that was the end of it.

but no.

every single day for the last week i've been receiving at least five phone calls from this number. sometimes the person would just laught incessantly, sometimes the person would drawl something unintelligible, sometimes, well, let's not discuss what the other person does sometimes. let's just say lewd is an understatement.

being the naive person i was - and a firm believer in customer service - i called sun cellular to inform them that one of their subscribers was harassing me on a daily basis. the operator informed me that they couldn't do anything about it but i can call NTC to complain.

and so i did.

and you know what they said? that unless the person was sending me lewd text messages, they couldn't do anything about it.

wtf? does this mean a person can send a text message with something like "malaki ang titi ko" and that person would get a reprimand from the NTC but a person can breathe heavily on the phone and imply how much he's imagining sex with me and they WON'T do anything about it?

no, ma'am, the guy on the phone said, just text messages.

so what am i supposed to do, i asked the person, what's my remedy?

"palitan niyo na lang po number niyo ma'am."

so if you receive a text message from me sometime soon telling you i've changed my number, it means i've gotten tired of hearing heavy breathing. and if i don't, well, just don't take it to mean that i've begun enjoying it. maybe it just means that i've found some way to harass him back.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

inspired by the list from the september 2005 issue of glamour, i wanted to come up with a list of thirty things i wish to achieve/have/accomplish by the age of thirty. but then again, coming up with something as substantial as that might be difficult, considering that every little space in my brain right now should be occupied by ideas such as the difference between lack of cause of action and failure to state a cause of action.

so i just came up with a biggie.

i will lose thirty pounds before i reach thirty. (actually i got this from this guest at the tyra banks show. good idea, isn't it?)

i have eight and a half months to do that. that's just a little more than three pounds a month.

and who knows? if i lost the thirty pounds, everything else i was hoping to put in my list would falls into place.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

my week, the short cut version

after i posted last week, i drove to ortigas cause i was going to spend the next two nights with my aunt at crowne plaza. i totally love the "hotel" life, especially if it means enjoying the bathtub, shower until i wrinkle up, and having all the bacon i want at the breakfast buffet. it was also wonderful cause on thursday, we all had dinner our to celebrate tita celia's birthday and surprise, surprise: kit attended without flourshit.

i spent saturday with the people from lingkod working with kids from sigla. it was hot and humid but it was fun, especially when kids would hug you and ask you your name and all that. even if most of us were pretty much tired and dirty after everything, some of us went to festival to watch "failure to launch." note to self: men hate these types of movies. apparently, only boyfriends are equipped to watch chick flicks.

anyway, i've been pretty TIRED with everything that's been happening at work. i wish i could say that i'm way ahead with my review. unfortunately, my dreams of topping the bar may just end up that, a dream.


as long as i pass, it wouldn't really matter, right?

btw. pat called to tell me it's his birthday tomorrow. *cough*loser*cough*
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