Monday, September 20, 2010

and so here begins the story of my fun weekend

we planned it almost four months ago. it was summer, and it seemed like yet another vacation would pass without us being able to plan to perfect holiday. so we agreed: let's plan something and whoever wanted to go is free to come.

then we agreed -- neither of us had ever been to kuala lumpur yet, hence our destination. we also said, okay, maybe january. so a barrage of text messages was sent, basically asking if they'd be interested to join us on a trip to KL. four -- including myself -- gave a resounding yes.

we were all set for january when i received an email -- KL tickets were going on sale over at cebupac, except that the flying dates would be around the time of ramadan and the malaysia carnival sale. september!!! i panicked a bit -- i had agreed to go to vietnam on august, and my mom was taking us to HK disney on june. could i afford a third out-of-the-country trip by august?

apparently, i could. first airplane tickets and hotel accommodations were booked. then emails with copious links were exchanged. and then all too soon it was the week before our trip and we had to come up with a definite plan for our trip.

and you know what? we did. i had the best weekend with the greatest people.

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