Wednesday, September 29, 2010

you truly have it ALL

oh henry. you truly are a genius.

and that's not even cause of the flat rate open parking that's open as early as 7am (although i will admit i benefited greatly from it). it's because you truly have thought of everything.

i mean, i've always known that had i been organized enough to keep the personal copy of my NBI clearance, i could have renewed it at sm megamall building b. and the last time i renewed my license, all i had to do was go to the lto satellite office at sm north and i was done in less than an hour.

what i didn't know, though, was that i could get my nso birth certificate (as well as nso documents) from at your business office at sm megamall. and while i could have gotten the same online, yours cost half of what they charge!**

that is just amazing. i mean, not only do i avoid the hassle of lining up at NSO, it also means that i have yet another excuse to return to megamall even after i switch jobs. you are SO smart, my dear henry.

now if only that lovely RL fuchsia floor pillow (a new product, it's so crazy lovely that i want it so bad) would go on sale, i'd be in heaven. then again, with that bit of home shopping spree i did last night, i think i already am.

hugs and kisses,

** while the online e-census charges about P315, and the nso birth certificate delivery costs P330, they deliver your document right at your doorstep. in the case of SM, you will have to pick it up from megamall, so the additional cost comes from the courier expenses. however, take note that the delivered birth certificate may be claimed only by certain individuals (you, parents, siblings, children) which makes it a bit complicated if you plan on having it delivered at home and the only person there is your maid.

2 said hello!:

The Gasoline Dude said...

Really? I thought that as long as that person has the receipt and a letter of authorization, then it's OK to receive the document?

roxy said...

nope, unless of course the courier isn't going to be strict about it.

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