Tuesday, September 14, 2010

all circuits are busy now, please try your call later

i've got to:

  1. wrap things up here.
  2. prepare to move there.
  3. get ready for mini-vacation.

in the meantime, there's two pleadings, one q&a, a hearing that has yet to be scheduled, and my ♫♪♫ please release me let me go ♪♫♪ moment. and, oh, that's all scheduled for this week.

cause next week i've to prepare a witness and attend a hearing on a technical case.

and a lecture on the 25th.

(i know what you're thinking -- and yet she blogs!)

so this will be it for now. i am reserving all my creative juices on things work-related. the wit and humor and everything else that makes you want to comment are currently being used up by real life.

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