100 12 things about the cardriver (for now)

  1. this is my second blog.  my first blog was busrider.blogspot.com where i thought i'd write all about my adventures commuting in manila.
  2. that never happened.  i ended up writing about my then angst-filled life as a twenty-something law student.  i cringe when i read about the stuff i've written sometimes.
  3. i was totally quiet in grade school, preferring to eat lunch alone and read rather than to fraternize with my classmates.  that all changed in high school.
  4. by senior year, i was the only girl with an A- conduct in pilot class cause i was too noisy.
  5. my first course in UP was molecular biology and biotechnology.  i picked it cause i was reading jurassic park when i filled out the college application form.
  6. i was overly confident in taking the UPCAT until i sat down beside this uber-nice girl from pisay during the exam who finished the math part really early while i was struggling with it.  what made it worse was that she, too, had mbb listed down as her first choice.
  7. i passed mbb.  i think my seatmate went on to take intarmed.
  8. i stayed in kalayaan during my freshman year.  my first semester roommate was hardly there so i basically had a room all to myself.
  9. my second semester roomie stayed there all the time.  for some reason i can't remember her name now, but her major crush was named filmer.  filmer, talented soul that he was, went to philippine high school for the arts like my roommate but he went on to study piano in russia.  she wrote him letters regularly. i think he wrote her once or twice, the cad.
  10. my second sem roomie's birthday gift for me was to clean up my desk.  even then, i had cleaning issues.
  11. i had horrible grades as a freshman.  worse, my family learned all about it (as in extended family) because my math 17 teacher was my first cousin.
  12. i shifted to education after i was able to pull my grades up.  i had to sign a contract that i wouldn't shift anymore.  i didn't mind -- by then i knew (or i thought i did) what i wanted to be for the rest of my life.
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