Tuesday, August 31, 2010


you know how they say that things come when you least expect them to come?

well, that's exactly how it happened: a text message on a tuesday night, which i was *thankfully* able to act on immediately since i was at tita mayu's and had internet access. the reply came on a wednesday morning -- go go go.

a bazillion emails, text messages, and much praying all around, i got my answer.

and you know what's the cool part? things were extremely different friday night -- i wanted it, but i didn't know exactly how to make things happen. then came the day of prayer when some realizations just came to me and i knew this was something i had to do, as long as some conditions were met. so i fired off an email first thing this morning, and more texts and emails were exchanged, and tonight, i said yes.

maybe i'll finally say goodbye to cafe world, and maybe blogging won't be as frequent anymore. maybe tweets will have to stop. maybe you'll see less of me. i don't really know. but one thing is for sure: change is definitely coming.

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