Thursday, September 30, 2010

tapos na po. bow.

Hon. XXXXX Santos
Presiding Judge
Branch XXX
Regional Trial Court of XXXX
National Capital Judicial Region

Dear Judge Santos,

I'm sorry to be saying goodbye to you through this blog. After all, I strongly doubt that you go online to google crazy lady lawyers you meet in court. But, at our hearing last Tuesday, it seemed inappropriate to tell you that today would've been my last day with this firm. I mean, you don't really care, right?

In the unlikely event, however, that you'll find yourself this, can I just thank you for remembering who I am? Well, not really, since you think that my second name is my family name, but the fact that you can still put a name to the face is admirable. Everyone loves the feeling of being recognized and you gave me that.

Thank you, too, for teaching me the value of humility. By your rulings, you have made me realize that I would get more favorable rulings if I were to submit to the Court rather than argue about it on the most trivial of points. (Oooohhh, how you totally put me down right after I attempted to be cocky in court took me down big time). You showed me how I should pick my battles, and how to pick the ones that I'd win, and win big.

Thank you that you never made me feel small. I may have stuttered, or I may have rushed through my opening lines on the first day (Good morning, your honor. Atty. Rosa x x x x respectfully appearing as counsel for defendants x x x x, together with Atty x x x, we are ready your honor) but you listened. Thank you for waiting for me, sometimes, to figure out exactly what I was objecting to. And, how can I forget -- thank you for making me laugh the day you tried to translate "masukal" into english. Unfortunately, your honor, it's english translation is not grassy although I will admit you gave it a good try.

I don't know if I'll ever have the privilege of appearing before you again in court. I also don't know if, by some miracle, you'll remember me if and when we bump into each other one of these days. I hope so, though, and I pray that one day, I'll have the chance to say all of these things in person. All in all, I think I must've appeared before you more than twenty times. And save for that one time that you made me feel small for being so haughty, you've always been the man you were supposed to be - a judge, always fair, always listening, always figuring out the best way to make things work for all concerned.

Continue to hear our case fairly, please, as my clients truly need a favorable ruling on this one. I'll still be drafting the formal offer of evidence so please make it easy on us and admit the evidence we submitted. Say goodbye to Atty. xxxx on my behalf. She may have hated me when I objected to each and every question she raised, but she was a good person, albeit always late for court.

I will miss you, Judge Santos, as I will miss my bosses, colleagues, and friends in this law firm.

But a new life awaits, and I can't wait to start that life ... fourteen hours from now.

Respectfully yours,


P.S. I checked google and "masukal" is translated as filthy. Not quite the same, right? But then again, at least we all know what that witness meant when he used the word. Thank God for cellphones and pictures, even if Atty. XXX may not agree with me.

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