Tuesday, August 28, 2007

after the horrible time i had last week, i am proud to say that i am entering this week renewed, refreshed, and ... unfortunately, totally not wanting to go to work.

all sloth aside, my long weekend was nothing short of wonderful. friday and saturdays nights i spent at edsa shangri-la in the company of my aunt since she was in town attending a conference (me? i bummed and watched television the entire day, notwithstanding the fact that there were two malls within walking distance). i also finally met up with THE vanessa valdez (if you've watched a hit movie recently, you'll know who she is) to catch up on kwento and what-not.

after my aunt went back to cabanatuan last sunday, i hied off to my other aunt's house in quezon city supposedly to do my laundry (they have the most amazing automated washing machine). unfortunately, it rained the entire day yesterday totally preventing me from doing my laundry and forcing (yea right!) me to download game after game and play them until the computer begun showing signs of wear and tear. i also made it to the mall (finally!) where i got to buy the elusive watch (my "fake" watch era is finally over. unfortunately my "real" watches have all stopped.) i've been yearning for for the last couple of weeks. and after that, well, i played some more.

now it's 9am. i promised myself i'd make it to work early so that i'll have parking for myself (parking has become horrible recently). but sloth took over, and downloading is totally addicting.

but, lest you say that i am precisely the reason why justice is delayed, i'm moving my fat, lazy ass now and rushing off to work.

see you all soon!

Friday, August 24, 2007

right now i'm so full of hate it can't even be called angst anymore.

unlike before where writing about it helped appease my anger, now i don't think that would suffice. let's just say that the last couple of days have taught me that: (1) the private sector can just be as horrible as the government meaning that there are a LOT of incompetent people walking out there (read: Dr. Carlos Alcala at LPDH - i say avoid him at all costs if and when you get hospitalized there and Mimi/Myrna from the HR Department of Convergys) and (2) apparently, working for UA&P has upped the ante for me in terms of what it means to "work".

anyway, if there's one good thing about the entire experience, i learned that if you don't have your philhealth number, you can call them (just have your SSS/GSIS number ready) and they can give it to you. wow. for once the government came through for me.

well, tonight i'm off to Edsa Shan for a couple of nights with my aunt. hopefully that'll mean detox for me -- the mean part of me wishes i didn't tell my brother because right now i am a bit infuriated with him for a LOT of things.

(finally, we're eating. bye.)

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

just got home from my first local movie premiere and can i just say that my inner jologs came out of the closet, full force.

i think, wait, i KNOW i embarrassed my friends.

pictures and other stuff to follow.

thanks, van. and tj, i may have missed you this time, but beware. i WILL have that picture taken with you.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

when you're unable to make it to a birthday celebration for whatever reason, good friends generally understand.

great friends, on the other hand, make sure you're able to "join" the celebration one way or the other.

they'd have good food delivered at your doorstep.

hawaiian pizza cause it just happens to be your favorite, especially if your favorite pizza flavor happens to have been one of the first things you discussed a long, long time ago when you first became friends.

pasta, after all it's a birthday party and noodles are a must (for long life, of course).

from me to you, a huge thank you very, very much. all that food made me a happy, happy girl.

happy birthday. and, in order to thank you for one of the sweetest gestures anyone has done for me, i'm keeping a promise i made a long, long time ago. ironically, the drawing's quite appropriate under the circumstances, don't you think?

Thursday, August 09, 2007

happy birthday, crazy boy

i bet if you knew how complicated our friendship would be, you would never have picked up the phone last february 15, 2005. but you did, and the rest, as the cliche goes, is history.

two and half years of friendship. two and half years of generosity: soupy snacks, maty's tapsilog, corned beef for four sunday mornings, with lovely pencil pictures to go with the breakfast, and a lovely nine west bag all the way from the US. two and a half years of patience: phone-e-oke, and we all know how horrible i sing. two and a half years of being spoiled: that shoe calendar i wanted, a huge bag of peanut m&ms which i requested, and him not only delivering my hotel reservation fee to UP but bringing me a box of cello's chocolate donuts which he picked up on the way home.

on birthdays, people are supposed to get presents. but what do you do when the celebrant himself is the present that keeps on giving?

well, for one i'd take out total eclipse of the heart from our phone-e-oke selection. and i'm really, really, really going to try to be nice to you and give in to you, even if it be only for a week. and maybe, i'd finally post something you've wanted me to put up for the last two years.

happy birthday, crazy boy. i don't have to tell the whole world exactly how i feel about you, but since it's your birthday...

i hate you.

you know exactly what that means. :)

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

wonderful discoveries!

1. Mrs. Field's Peppermint Creme Sticks
If you're a peppermint and dark chocolate fanatic, this will make you happier than a pig in mud (not exactly a pretty sight, but effective visualization.) Each box contains around fifteen sticks, each stick a little fatter than a mongol pencil and a little shorter than your pinky (well, at least my pinky). Each bite is quite heavenly and with the really strong flavors, you wouldn't really need to consume a whole box to get your sugar fix. It's about 80 bucks per box, not bad considering that the product is really yummy.

2. advan wellingtons a.k.a. rainboots
Know the boots that your friendly neighborhood traffic policeman and mmda wear? well, i'm talking about those, except mine are red. all that rain has destroyed a couple of my favorite shoes due to water damage and i'm not taking it sitting down. faith gave me the idea to get rainboots since they now come out with lovely colors. now, i can splash around metro manila without having to harm my shoes or my feet. now if only advan will come out with a pucci print :) (280 bucks. not bad, huh?)

Sunday, August 05, 2007

i don't know how pathetic this is but recently, i seem to be channeling lindsay lohan more and more often.

it's not like i'm stick thin (far from it) or i've been crashing my car everywhere (insurance boy would die from the claims). it's not even cause i've been misplacing expensive bags. it's just that my purchases have to have a lindsay lohan feel to it.

case in point.

my officemates and i, magazine addicts that we are, spied a picture of lindsay lohan in raspberry-colored flats, shorts, and a white tunic top. the result? me purchasing red shoes and a white loose top.

sometimes, we don't even need a picture. gay, as she was on her way to cagayan de oro sent me a message basically to tell me that she has a semi-huge bag, a water bottle and wearing her own version of the lindsay lohan flats.

the result? me wanting to buy a semi-huge bag too to channel lindsay lohan when i go to ormoc this coming october. (incidentally i've bought a semi-huge bag the other day so i am on my way to lindsay lohan fabulousness).

it's funny how with all of her bad publicity, i still surf the net for lindsay lohan pictures. i like looking at her paparazzi shots and checking out what fabulous look she's got going that day. now, i know there's no way a thirty-year old like me can ever channel (and look respectable) a twenty-one year old wild child like lindsay, but at the end of the day, we all can dream, and right now, mine is to be a tame lindsay.

p.s. we were reading another magazine and realized that while people my age list down audrey hepburn, jackie o and the like as their fashion icons, i'm actully picking someone who ends up at the worst dressed list from time to time.
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