Sunday, September 12, 2010

oh conti's, why are you so konti?

conti's -- that place made famous by mango bravo -- happens to be a comfort place for me and my friends. whenever we feel like eating something special and none of us want to drive very far, we hie off to conti's in bf and eat like there's no tomorrow.

last saturday, i sent out a text message to a friend and told her how i was craving for conti's. her reply: game!

after an hour or so, she picked me up and off to conti's we went. we couldn't figure out what to order (everything seemed to be so expensive all of a sudden) at first until i asked "paella?" and she said "yes!" (as it happened to be her favorite). so we asked the waiter "pang ilan yung paella?" and he said "kasya sa dalawa pag babae" so we were like "perfect!" and ordered that, as well as a side order of gambas.

we chatted but both of us had our minds on the food that was about to be served. first came the gambas ... a teeny-tiny serving of gambas. as it is, the serving platter was tiny ... and the contents could not even cover the bottom of the platter.

oh no, we both thought, this is most likely going to turn out to be a disappointing dinner.

needless to say, our fears were confirmed when the paella arrived.

maybe the waiter thought we had the appetite of birds. or maybe we didn't look hungry enough. maybe the women who generally eat at conti's shun carbs like the plague. but unless we recently had our stomachs stapled and our appetites curbed, there was no way that the tiny plate of paella was going to fill us up.

(incidentally, i must say i was disappointed with the fact that the paella was served on a ceramic plate and not a paellera.)

we ate what little we had. and, notwithstanding the mango bravo that we ordered after the meal (we needed something else real bad!), nothing could have stopped us from making a beeline for ruins and ordering our comfort food:

lumpia and chicken skin for me.

and lumpia and cheese sticks for my friend.

sigh ... finally food landed on our stomachs, and we were satiated.

that said, i think i shall log off now and hie off to ruins ... those chicken skins are calling out to me.

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