Monday, June 30, 2008

i know i gotta go to work now, but ...

here at tita mayu's house, with free wi-fi and the promise of good food at mealtimes so it shouldn't come as a wonder that i can't force myself to go to work. right now, my excuse is that my laundry is still outside, trying to make the most out of the sun which belatedly made an appearance today. everything's cold and damp, and will only end up being smelly and icky if i take them down now and pack them up in the car.

but, i very well know that the major reason why my butt is comfortably parked in an ergonomic chair which has seen better days is the fact that today is the day that i'm supposed to tell my boss that i have finally decided to move on.

it's funny how in the beginning, the government job was just something to tide me over until i passed the bar. i think that in my entire batch in UP, i was the only one who didn't knew where she was headed after graduation. the top people had job offers, the others passed out resumes. me, well, i focused on finishing the tasks i needed to complete before resigning from ua&p and reviewing for the bar.

it didn't help that when i came on board, i was made to believe that the work was temporary too. there were no other lawyers positions available so should i pass the bar, i would have to (gasp! - at least then) look for another job. but lo and behold, something opened up for me, and it became too embarrassing to say you'd rather pack up and leave. even more embarrassing when you've sort of told everyone that you're gunning to eventually be the court of appeal's executive clerk of court.

i guess the pressure of family, the advice of friends, and the fact that lack of productivity (entirely my fault, i assure you) has become a favorite sin of sorts has forced me to accept that maybe, just maybe, it's time to move on. well, that and a whole lot of other things that i can't really write down here.

anyway, i'm bound for a firm that i've wanted to work for since law school. it's small, and unless you move around in legal circles, you won't really recognize the names of the partners. i'm taking a pay cut (gasp again, first because i'm coming from the government which supposedly pays really low and second because given the economy why am i even thinking of doing this, right?) which i hope will be amended soon (because otherwise this will mean having my cable and pldt phone cut, not to mention finally unplugging that ref which eats up electricity!). i am excited like i've never been excited before. i've been grinning like a stupid cat for the last six days, and much like passing the bar, i've no doubt i'll be grinning until august 4.

but first, i have to resign. which brings me to where i first started.

my butt's still parked in this ergonomic chair which has seen better days. i better get going. asap.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

it's been a while, i know. and i have a hundred and one excuses, the biggest one is the embarassment of lugging around an external keyboard whenever i use mcdonald's free wi-fi.

why? well, it's because i think i have totally killed my keyboard.

moving on, things have been relatively fine: i got sick, i got better, pacquio won, and i'm totally addicted to heart's alone.

(that and tita turner's private dancer but that's a totally shameful admission.)

well, don't tell my boss cause i haven't told her yet, but i'll be moving on to a new job come august 4. it's farther, pays less, and totally back-breaking but i don't really care ... i'm actually counting the days (36 days) till that day arrives. i'll finally be working for a law firm! so, while the past year i've totally avoided using atty. before my name except when i'm dealing with difficult people, now i'll get to use it almost every single day! and finally, my lifetime ibp membership will pay off.


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