Tuesday, September 30, 2003

last night, while waiting for evidence teacher to arrive, a classmate and i wrote our hell week schedule on the board which created ripples of murmurs around the room.

one even said we must be suicidal for even coming up with that schedule.

we most probably are, cause schedule looked like this:

october 4 (w) 7-10 p.m. evidence moot court (civil case 1)
october 6 (m) 6-9 p.m. evidence moot court (civil case 2)
october 9 (th) 6-9 p.m. evidence finals
october 11 (sat) 9-12 noon tax finals
october 13 (m) 6-9 p.m. puboff finals
october 14 (t) 6-8 p.m. medjur finals
october 15 (w) 6-9 p.m. locgov finals
october 16 (th) due: tax paper
october 17 (f) 6-9 p.m. evidence moot court (criminal case 1)
october 18 (s) 9-12 noon evidence moot court (criminal case 2)

i don't know how i'll manage. because on top of these things, i have to write, defend, revise, and finalize my masteral thesis. yup, the thesis that's been the burden i've been trying to get over with the last two years.

who knows? maybe after two weeks, i'll be svelte like aubrey miles. and maybe i can finally wear a two-piece suit.




what's depressing about the evil schedule though is that i've been looking forward to watching the sergio mendez concert ever since vanessa told me about it. tone deaf as i am, i've been imagining myself singing (warbling?) to his songs while in the middle of a small crowd who appreciates his songs as much as i do.

now, while sergio mendez fans get to see balding but great singer onstage, i'll be sitting in a dress and blazer racking my brain for the proper objection to raise while steeling myself for my turn.


if that's not bad enough, i don't know how i'll manage to see la salle guy too.


i think that's the biggest tragedy of them all.

Monday, September 29, 2003

quit playing games

so i've read the rules.

and i've been advised on how to go about the "cat and mouse game" -- how to let him chase and how to allow yourself be chased.

i've been told to ignore the guy, to avoid replying to messages, to be unavailable. i've been taught how to be coy and witty and to pretend that i'm not interested.

but i can't.

which makes it really weird that la salle guy thinks i'm playing games with him.

Friday, September 26, 2003

caught singing

one thing a person who drives a car without tint ought to learn early on is that singing on the top of your voice inside your car won't make you look half as good as those chicks in the mitsubishi lancer commercial.

hell, you don't even look good at all.

you just look like you're singing at the top of your voice.

it just gets worse when people see you, your students no less. and they text you to tell you they saw you. and instead of saying, "don't worry, ms. rosa, you looked cute naman, eh." they tell you "apat lang kami sa car, ms. rosa."


the last couple of days have been full of little but nice surprises. saturday, it came in the form of really early dismissal in tax class which left me with enough time to do the parlor bonding thing with a classmate from law. wednesday it came in the form of flowers from a dear friend who, upon hearing about a nasty thing that happened to me tuesday night, wanted to cheer me up with three pink gerberas.

and yesterday, la salle guy decided to drive the hundred kilometers or so from nueva ecija to surprise me well he also had other stuff to do like check up on his office here and stuff but it's not really exciting to read that, right?.

yep, i had date number 6. we had cake (where i saw my ultra-favorite crimlaw teacher having coffee and cake too) and coffee (where i mistakenly threw my cup into the umbrella bin!) and watched a movie and had dinner....


Wednesday, September 24, 2003

if you had a mom willing to pay for a digital camera that wasn't too expensive (somewhere around the $300 range), what would you ask her to get you?
the men that nobody wanted

when rosa was young and unjaded with life, she made a little list of things she wanted in a mate. he had to be tall and smart and interesting. he should have good genes (to have better children with) and come from a close-knit family. he should be able to engage in witty banter and someone who can sustain long and meaningful conversations deep into to night.

and he should not be over thirty. rosa figured that men over thirty, unless they went to med school, law school, or just lost a long-time girlfriend who either passed away, migrated, or turned into the ultimate b*tch overnight, are the proverbial crumbs, the dregs at the bottom of the coffee pot. they've been tried, tested, and discarded. other women didn't want them, so why should you?

so rosa had a great time dating men her age. some bloomed into wonderful meaningful relationships, some didn't, but it was all good. she also dated men older than her (but not older than thirty) and even when those didn't pan out, at least she came out a wiser and more gracious person than before.

one day, rosa was thrown by destiny to be roommates with a girl whose belief in life was that women over 25 who happen to be single are big-time losers. gasp, rosa thought, that would be me. rosa just ended a tumultuous two-year relationship and was feeling pretty much hateful of the world. she was tired of dating, tired of falling in love, tired pretty much of anything that involved men, but she didn't want to end up alone and single.

although rosa refused (adamantly, really) to subscribe to her roommate's philosophy, she began to doubt her marketability. yup, she wasn't getting any younger, and men her age, or older but under the 30-year-old cut-off, were either in relationships or weren't really looking. oh she had a totally dedicated and perfectly lovable guy chasing after her but she didn't really want him, much like in the same way you don't like eating the ulam at home... you don't like it cause, well, it's just there all the time.

so she went against the great age barrier and started dating men who were *gasp* older than 30.

the first one was really cool. he was a man of the world, had travelled extensively, and fit the checklist to a T. he was the one you could have long conversations into the night with (actually well into the morning, until you had to go to work and he could finally go to sleep) and actually go with you to a fun impromptu trip. but then he had other people on his rotation list and when rosa got rotated out, rosa tried to bow gracefully out of that and thought, well, at least i learned a lot from that guy.

the second one, introduced to her by a friend, was even cooler. although he was almost 9 years older than her, rosa could've sworn she found a soulmate. they enjoyed the same music, they enjoyed the same food, they enjoyed watching movies together (even if rosa was not a movie person to begin with), and they enjoyed each other's company. for a while there, it was all good, much like a bag of really sweet lanzones, but towards the end she bit into a sour one and things went into a screeching halt. so much with THAT older guy.

the third, and please hopefully the last one, was the guy who was good on paper. good family, established, educated, and seemed every bit the gentleman. the height difference was staggering, even in 3 1/2 inch heels, but as long as both of you remain seated, no one really notices that he's almost a foot taller. it was all good until rosa realized that one day all he wanted was to have fun (at 32? sheesh.) and more fun, and even if he did bowl her over with five dates in a row, she wasn't about to just have fun when fun involes the topic of a sugarfree song. no no no no no.

cosmo was right. mark was right. men that age have crossed the great barrier. they're over thirty, and single. they have resisted feminine wiles and devious women tricks to hook them. they can finally afford the luxury car. they can take out five women at a time and not be worried about their budget anymore. they're on to women, and for the first time in their life, they finally understand women. they're also a becoming a minority and the dating pool, as they get older, gets bigger and better.

so maybe rosa was wrong. they weren't the men nobody wanted.

they were the men everybody wanted.

and so the tables have been turned.

Monday, September 22, 2003

five reasons why my weekend rocked.

1. because dan-gat, locgov supreme god, decided that fridays are better spent taking care of his new puppies instead of trying to make a room full of people see the reason why he is upset about the local government code and its application by the supreme court. read: no class!!!!

2. the weekend started with a phone call from "my sassy girl" king himself, nic, who's not really very happy these days and is quite cranky and irritated with his accent, which in my opinion is quite lovely but don't tell him i think that cause he might blow up ....

wait, i'm going pretty much off track there.

he called. and a phone call is ALWAYS good in my book.

3. spike is finally clean (after wallowing in mud and dust and what have you) and shiny and a real kick-ass machine once more.

4. did barops where i met new people and some old ones, where the barristers are quite happy with the way it was being handled this year, and where hopefully we are nurturing the people who will top this year's bar.

5. had a date ('di na pseudo date. if i have to go home and drive amidst el shaddai-caused traffic so that i can take a shower and change before going out it's not a pseudo date but a real honest-to-goodness date. agree?) with la salle (number four, and hopefully not the last). so what if he picked me up in a nice car and took me to a nice place, this is also the same person who'd eat at tropical hut with me to satisfy a craving for tapsilog at three in the morning.

this will also have to be the same person who'd text early the following day to remind me to have breakfast and go to mass, and ask me out on date number five.

date number five happened to be movie then coffee then dinner then him test driving spike then more coffee then a race at edsa where he tricked me into thinking he's headed back home to nueva ecija only to surprise me by being parked at the dorm when i got there (so i lost, darn it).

awwww... a guy who comes up with surprises like that (if you grew up in sweet dreams and sweet valley high like i did, you'd imagine me doing surprises like this) is always the guy who wins you over and makes you melt like ice cream on a hot day.

i guess if numbers 1 to 4 didn't really happen (no offense nic, your calls are ALWAYS welcome, that is, if i pick up) my weekend would still have been a rocking weekend.

and all because i had a date.

Friday, September 19, 2003

so the new phone decided to take a nosedive straight onto the concrete floor getting several serious scratches in the most obvious places. i'm hoping that's the only bad thing that would go wrong this day.

but maybe not. boss returned thesis i submitted to her last monday and she seemed not too happy about it. la salle guy is hot one minute and totally cold the next. might have class in evidence later.

argh. and i'm broke after forking over more than half of my salary for my car payment.

Thursday, September 18, 2003

had pseudo-date number 3 with la salle guy yesterday evening. the conversations just keep getting better and the he just brings out my happy, quirky side when we're together that it's beginning to become a good thing.

yesterday afternoon he was caught in traffic so we started exchanging SMS again. i made a jibe about his nasty habit of eating ice cream with sour cream and onion pringles and how if he doesn't go home yet, i'd be glad to buy him ice cream on an actual cone next time we see each other. he pretended to be hurt for a while but it was not long before i scored myself another date.

ha ha.

so he picked me up from the dorm again. we had dinner at this nice place with really lousy food. we had fun exchanging hirits and stuff. i found out that he used to sell eggs in makati so that he'd have extra money for gimmicks, the he actually dances (all 6'2" of him, i shudder at the thought), and that he sleeps really early on weekdays.

oh, and dig this. he usually serves me food before himself.


sad that he had to go home to the province this morning. he said he's usually in town on weekends.

let's see if he calls. or texts. i may have charmed him off his socks just yet.

Wednesday, September 17, 2003

what do you know. i'm moving beyond the checklist!

so what if he doesn't play basketball? this guy knows how to scull.

so what if he didn't go to UP or Ateneo? he went to la salle (where incidentally, mac cardona kicks ass) and la salle's good cause that's where really cool nic went too.

we have the most fun conversations (a non-negotiable) and he's not half-bad on the eyes.

yihee. prospect.

Monday, September 15, 2003

apparently whatever virus i caught is more into commitment than the last person i dated. a week into our relationship, i told the virus politely last saturday that i had given it all of me last friday and that i don't think it was working out between us, especially since i had a packed day ahead of me. although it sent a few chest-heaving coughs my way, it slowly slipped out of my life and when i woke up sunday, i thought i had seen the last of it.

maybe i rejoiced too early. when i woke up this morning, virus was back, asking for a round two. i acquiesed, thinking maybe if i stayed in bed thirty minutes longer, it would be appeased. nope. it kept me in bed longer than necessary, almost making me late for work in the process. the entire morning, it kept reminding me it was there by forcing me to cough at the most awkward moments (think standing in a buffet line with a new year's day cough).

i'm giving it another day. like a loser boyfriend, i'm definitely sure that i have no place in my life for this virus. still, i am in no mood to make another trip to the doctor, especially when all the do is really ask you questions about your health in general and don't really tell you anything useful except "it's a viral infection" when you ask them what's wrong with you. maybe i will though, when i start coughing out ... hmmm... parts of my lung maybe?

eww. i know. too much information.

Sunday, September 14, 2003

although i may have fooled some people about my kasipagan, i don't fool a lot. those i can't fool know me so much that they do not expect to see me in certain places. for one, you'd rarely see me at the law library. you don't see me at the office on a saturday either.

so imagine what kind of heart attack people would have if they know from where i'm posting this.

work. at 3:31 p.m. a nice sunny sunday afternoon.

i could be lounging in bed catching up on sleep i didn't have last night.

or waiting for the last 29 minutes before i get my kris aquino fix for the week.

anywhere but here. but since some people have the lousiest timing when it comes for demanding stuff from you (they could have done it friday or saturday but no, sunday, rest day sunday) i have to hustle to work.

not that i didn't have a copy of it. i actually did. i was safely tucked in my bag until 1 a.m. yesterday morning.

until specpro classmate needed a diskette.

and i volunteered my thesis diskette.

and because i was in a hurry to get to bed i left the diskette.

and specpro classmate wouldn't reply to messages.

and i need it really badly. so badly i went 25 kms. to work. on sunday. sunday that i could spend with kris aquino.

well, maybe not. but you get the idea.
after wrestling with the virus for almost a week it finally gave up on me this morning. weird how i've taken more medicines that i cared to have, took in bottles and bottles of water, ate more than my fair share of soup, and nothing happened. the day after i've had lunch with a friend, drove in the rain, did my bit in the barops, had coffee till one, went back to do more barops, and read till 4 a.m. only to wake up three hours later is the morning i woke up to a feeling i never thought i'd feel soon: the feeling of being fine again.

of course i still sound ngo-ngo and i still have a hacking cough once in a while. but still.

i am cured.


of course i had to remember only today that foundation day is tomorrow.

and i had to be reminded by someone that (although she didn't really read the last two things i submitted to her) she'd want to read the entire thesis tomorrow.

oooookkkkkaaay. fine. whatever.

sometimes after being sick for so long your vocabulary is limited to those three words. you've survived (in your opinion) a near death experience. cramming wouldn't and shouldn't really be a problem, right?


the script though that you spent hours on instead of writing your thesis had to be rejected. it wasn't too formal enough.

by formal i take it they mean boring.

because by golly -- and you'd have to take my word for this, although massoudi will definitely vouch for me -- they just scrapped the best shit i've put together in a long time.

Thursday, September 11, 2003

"ano 'to, replay?" was the first thought that came to mind when a friend texted me that she wanted to introduce me to her friend, jay.

is it cause i'm 26 and single? maybe. but what the heck. it's always good to meet new people right?

but i must admit, i sounded awfully like a replay. for one, he also went to la salle. and he's also more than four years older than me.

and the lines. my god. someone should take note of the lines men use and ban them from cellphones. imagine a phone that will automatically warn men that what they're texting is a load of crap so as to prevent the bile from rising up your throat.

oh well. whatever. what's a couple of messages, right?

Wednesday, September 10, 2003

because you were asking "why not?"

SMS conversation

me: something's happened that's killing me a bit but what the heck i'm supposed to be cool and happy right?
him:that depends on what kind of coolness and happiness that you want. tell me what happened.
me: salary increase. got passed by cause for one november pa daw ang schedule ko and second i'm thinking cause they're mad i haven't finished thesis yet. sigh.
him:ah ok. well, you should be happy cause you got your salary increase. i'm happy for you.
me: didn't you understand what i said? WALA nga eh on account of my not having finished my thesis and other red tape stuff. sigh. i thought it was clear.

and why in spite of it he still rocks

twenty minutes later
me: sorry. did i offend you?
him: oh i'm really really sorry rosa, and i'm sorry to hear that... want me to help you in finishing your thesis?
him: it's ok i know you too well.
him: are you mad at me?
rich aunt is in town which means that my shopping cells are on red alert once more. been trying to convince her to haul herself from where she is and have lunch with me at shangri-la.

after lunch maybe i can lure here to fino, home of my favorite leather goods. after that at m)phosis, home of sexy shoes, then over at nail spa so i can finally try their supposedly amazing pedicures.

i have to do that while harping on the oh-i'm-so-poor-cause-i'm-paying-my-way-through-school-and-i-was-too-confident-in-buying-a-car-i-can't-really-afford theme.

but first things first.

how do i convince her to come here?


in light of recent events (the i'm so sick i can die a little episode), my favorite (wait, my ONLY roommate) wilma has found more ground on which to base her undying support of the martian on.

frankly, she has begun to sound like that vitamin commercial on television. the one that goes like, "masipag. nagsisimba kahit puyat. inaalagaan ka kapag may sakit ka."

if the martian were a candidate for something, he'd have won the election.

sadly, he's not.

a really cheesy post would go like "he's a candidate for my affection though" but then that really sucks, right?

Tuesday, September 09, 2003

something happened today that made me realize that when you're sick and feeling lousy and the guy you've been seeing won't even go near you cause, well, you're sick and he might catch whatever it is you have, you'd give everything to fall in love with your ex who has been basically taking care of you for the last 24 hours.

women can be so stupid sometimes.

feh. drama ko.
when you're down and out

had a really nasty cold yesterday, one that was threatening to turn into a full-blown fever any time soon. i had a three-hour class and a take-home exam to complete before i could sleep. at the very least i was panicky. i was hungry, tired, and all i wanted to do was to crawl into bed and die a little.

enter the martian, with a two-piece kfc chicken meal with coleslaw and mountain dew, my favorite cake from gayuma, five gallons of water, and a huge box of tissue. he waited for me in the parking lot, handed me bag after bag of stuff he had bought for me, and waved off my immense gratitude.

"you know i'll always be here for you. and i am."

yeah, he is. always.

he was there after i had my ovary removed and needed someone to tell me that i was still every bit the woman i was when i had two.

he was there when i had my first accident and couldn't tell my brother about the smashed side view mirror.

he was there when i had the major accident and was shaking from the shock and the fear of what my mom could do to me.

he was even there when i needed a parlor two hours before my best friend's wedding and i had stupidly forgotten to make an appointment for hair and make-up.


apparently a lot of women have been lining up to take my place with the martian though.

when i was at the mall with him last sunday, message after message arrived.

one was from this girl who claimed she was pretty.

another was from a girl he just met and seemed VERY interested in him.

i bet there were others but he put his phone on silent mode and refused to show it to me any longer.

his eyes twinkled and he had a different glow altogether. he said he was happy and that he was meeting people. and more than one's interested. and he's interested too.



i bet this is one of the major reasons why you shouldn't be friends with your ex.

cause you have to deal with him meeting other people.

and you have to deal with him liking other people.

and you have to deal with the thought that sooner or later his attention will be transferred to another girl who will take your place. and unlike you, she'd probably appreciate every single thing he does. unlike you, she'd probably love him and take care of him and make sure that he's happy every single day of his life.

while you, you evil ex-girlfriend who threw away the only good relationship you have ever had in your entire life, will be miserable and sad and single for the longest time.

well, maybe not. but still.

Monday, September 08, 2003

yet another pair of shoes

went home from the mall yesterday with yet another pair of black shoes.

i know i don't really need another pair, and i know i can't really afford my shoe addiction anymore, and they're as impractical as hell, but they're shoes, on sale, and in my book, that ends all arguments in general.

it didn't help that they flatter my feet, that they match a skirt i haven't worn for the longest time, and that they were oh-so-comfortable.

but you have to give me some credit, still. there was another pair that i was able to resist. i've been searching for a pair exactly like them for the longest time and they were there, looking at me, asking to be bought.

from inside my bag i think i heard my wallet groan.

i walked away, only to go back to the store and ask for my size.

so much for my resolve.

thank goodness they didn't have it in my size. i think god's still watching over me and my purchases.

Friday, September 05, 2003

my unsolicited opinion on a couple of things

on tim yap

it won't be hard to admit that i was never a fan. he was interesting, at best. but then i met him and i instantly turned into a fan.

i didn't even have to read yaparazzi to be a convert.

he was gorgeous. he looked kind. he was polite. he wasn't a snob.

and he dressed really well. absent the feather boas and fur, he's just like any hot guy you'd make googoo eyes at greenbelt with.

so i've realized that i make a lot of judgments about people. sometimes, one jumps to conclusions about a person simply because he writes about inconsequential things. or because he'd rather party that do an 8-to-5 desk job (not that he needs to at all).

he looked real. and in this world where even blog entries are faked, that's good enough for me.


on not having a cellphone

one rare day you'd realize that you left home without it. it happens to be the rare day that you did make it out of the dorm before 6:30. it happens on the day when you have a million things on your calendar and can't spare the fifteen or so minutes to go back, park, walk to your room, hunt for it, and come back out.

and so for the first time, you're out of touch. it's been a while. way back in college, you had that huge palo-palo cellphone that only a rich and very ardent suitor would call. then you switched over to a pager which received everything from a hesitant "i love you" that someone told an operator instead of you, to a list of things your mom wants you to pick up before you head home. then it was text, which technically, gave you both a pager and cellphone. you've always been in touch. never mind that there'd be days when your phone was virtually silent. as long as you had that little vibrating thing get out you perverts who are thinking of something else within reach, things would be swell.

now it's exactly twelve kilometers away from me.

if i start breaking down in the middle of the day, don't blame me. blame that part of me who made me want to go to work early and was too square to turn around and pick it up.


on ACT II popcorn, the kettle corn kind*

this popcorn tastes so good that i doubt it's the kind that'll help you lose weight.

it doesn't even need butter.

or salt.

and this "no salt" part is a biggie because popcorn (and fries!) have to have salt. huge doses of salt.

although - and i know happyclam will agree with me on this - it sure still cannot beat robinson's movieworld popcorn. nothing can beat that.

*i'm not really sure but i'm sure if you gave supernanny money and sent her over to shopwise she'd know what kind to buy

Thursday, September 04, 2003

a boring day made better

all day long i've been thinking of what to blog.

do i blog about my best friend's wedding? well, no. it was her wedding, not mine, and the thought of being a year and a half past my self-imposed deadline is slowly giving me the chills.

do i blog about what my dentist did to my mouth this afternoon? hell, no. it was painful. it was bloody. and keiko might steal it out of better things to steal from the net *insert wicked laughter here*

but then upon the advice of rey i went to class and sat for two hours listened to the difference between impotence and sterility, how eunuchs are made (cut the balls off while they're young), and how to make an impotent man come.

it's too graphic to post here (involves putting that in there ... eek. sorry vanessa) but it got everyone's attention.


Wednesday, September 03, 2003

broke but happy

again, retail therapy saves the day. so, i may be broke but i'm happy.

wait, i am not only broke, i am in debt too.

still... it doesn't matter if i have to drive without the aircon on to save gas. it doesn't matter if i have to eat vegetables and half rice and drink tap water to save on lunch money. it doesn't matter if i don't make a trip to the parlor for the meantime. it doesn't matter if i cut back on dates and settle for watching pirated dvds or tv. it doesn't matter if dinners are reduced to a spaghetti meal from mcdo for the meantime.

i've finally bought the phone i've wanted.

that's two things finally scratched off from my ten things list.


may pasok ba?

sana wala.

Tuesday, September 02, 2003

the ex files

it's exactly six months before my birthday so i'm sure today's the birthday of my college ex. he'd be 27 now. funny. according to "the plan" that we made together back then, we should be married and working on our MA degrees by now.

i remember how we got together. we started seeing each other sometime during enrollment. we were both incoming seniors then and we were helping out with registration. as usual, i was pissed about something and he just listened. i guess he got captivated with my endless complaining.

we had sts together and we'd spend long hours in the cold cs auditorium alternating between sleeping and chatting. we'd go through the sample exams together hours before the exam. it wasn't long before one day -- july 31 i think -- we were together.

it was a pretty cool relationship. we promised not to celebrate the first, second, and third months in lieu of a "first one hundred days-ary". we both had busy schedules so we'd try to catch each other between classes. he'd leave notes folded in various origami shapes in my org tambayan and i'd leave a coleman full of cold water in his locker before going to practicum. he'd pack my favorite lunch for me sometimes: tuyo, scrambled eggs, and rice.

we were both broke but it was amazing how it didn't seem to be a problem then. for valentines, he got his best friend to play the guitar while he sang three of my favorite songs. i'd save up my coins so i can make calls from the dorm pay phone on wednesday mornings when we both didn't have classes.

the relationship didn't stand the "work test". all of a sudden there were so many new people in his life, and so many new people in mine. we drifted apart. we tried to restart the relationship twice again after that, both on friday the 13th.

i wonder where he is now. did he finally finish his MA? is he married? is he happy?

i hope he is. and i hope that his 27th birthday's the coolest 27th birthday anyone can wish for.

Monday, September 01, 2003

the date

rey kept asking when he'd get to read what happened to the date.
it was the first thing vanessa asked me today when she saw me.

so how was the date?

i was a lousy date. i wouldn't want to date me.

the date came in a cool car and cool shades. material trappings aside, he had a real smile. colgate toothpaste commercial worthy smile. not bad for someone i dragged out of *insert here whatever it is single male guys do on sunday afternoons*.

then he was cool about everything. he was cool about sitting at the back of the church until the ceremony finished. he was cool about waiting for the couple to come out of the chapel.

he also opens car doors. fifty million pogi points, no questions asked.

we laughed over each other's love life, or more appropriately, the lack of it -- his undying love for his ex and how he's seeing a girl whose nickname can either be a fruit or a formula one sponsor and how he knows the guy i'm seeing and how he thinks the guy's an introvert. he discussed his triathlon stuff and i discussed, well, i listened.

yes, kuya rey *evil grin* i listened.

being the dating dork i am, i didn't know whether i owed him coffee or something. was his comment about the ice cream at the pen lobby a hint that he wanted to try the ice cream at the pen lobby? do i give him a quick peck on the cheek or do i shake his hand?

i ended it with a wave. really. a wave.

i bet he's thinking right now that i was a waste of new dockers.
the crusade against plagiarism

so she had been stealing stuff off people's blogs.

it can get pretty interesting, in a twisted sense. it's like the larry alacala drawings where you search for his head.

except in larry alcala stuff, there's only one of him. here, you see bits and pieces of people's blog everywhere.

she even stole "matchmaker"

now how sad was that. that happened to be one of my favorite entries. and if i failed to recognize all the other stuff she stole from people's blogs, i'd recognize that.

cause i happen to know the people she wrote about.


maybe she did it for the hits. maybe she did it out of slight desperation.

poor kid. to be 18 and THAT desperate.

makes you realize how sad a place the world can be when person's life has ceased to be interesting even for herself.
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