Sunday, September 26, 2010

the not-so-OC's guide to traveling* - part 3

so i don't pack light. in fact, i'm the girl who relies on "group check-in" most of the time. what can i say, i hate not having something i might need on a trip.

i know that you'll save Php200 on a cebupac flight if you choose not to check-in any luggage. to my mind, though, P200 (a little more than what a frap from starbucks would cost) is a small price to pay for extra fifteen kilos on a trip.

and so, without further adieu, more tips:

♥ if you're really got nothing to check-in, then avail of the discount. it's there for a reason.

♥ but if you're going someplace where shopping is bound to be amazing (hello, vietnam!), then don't hesitate to pay an extra hundred bucks each way so that you'll get an additional fifteen kilos of baggage.

♥ group check-in is available only for those people whose names appear on the same ticket. we made the mistake of booking two individuals at a time when we went to vietnam, so we wasted a kilo here, and a couple of kilos there which would amount to several more kilos of check-in baggage had we all booked our flights under one confirmation number.

♥ the type of luggage helps. when i was packing for bohol early this year, i wanted to take a bigger suitcase so that i wouldn't have a difficult time fitting everything in my three-day suitcase. however, when i weighed the entire thing, it was around 17 kilos, meaning i'd have to pay extra, so i transferred everything to my small suitcase which, for some magical reason, was 14.9 kilos according to the official airport weighing scale.

♥ if your baggage is already overweight, be prepared that they will also weigh your hand carry. real life story: the girl in front of us in the low cost carrier terminal in kuala lumpur was told by the counter guy that her baggage was overweight by two kilos. rather than paying, she said she'll just transfer her things to her carry on baggage. uh-oh -- the guy then asked to see her carry-on baggage and weighed the entire thing (2 kilos above the 7-kilo limit) which meant that she did not only have to repack, but actually had to leave some of her things in malaysia.

♥ bring your own -- water and snacks, that is. when i first traveled with my aunt to singapore, she told me to bring my own water and snacks since our luggage would (logically) be less full leaving manila than coming back. so, in order to make full use of the extra space, i stuffed it with water and food (crackers, biscuits, chips, cup noodles), all well within the limit, of course. going to KL, we actually had one baggage with nothing but food and water inside which was particularly useful when we arrived at the hotel in the middle of the night slightly starving after a long trip. plus, it always feels great when you save your much-needed foreign currency for shopping rather than buying water.

♥ they're not particularly strict in manila regarding the bringing of liquids on the plane but be ready to throw your carry on water when you get to customs in an airport abroad.

*note: the past two posts i spelled this word with a double "l". today, i'm using a single "l". both are acceptable ☺

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