Wednesday, September 08, 2010

the future's so bright, i gotta wear shades

by now you must know i am a huge bea alonzo fan.

and in the unlikely event that you don't, well, i'm saying it here, for the record: i am a huge bea alonzo fan.

that said, i must also admit that in my wildest fantasies, i'd be bea alonzo. once upon a time, i even launched a BEAutiful project wherein, in true bea fashion, i wanted to lose weight, pretty much the way that she did before she did one more chance.

*sigh* to be young and with john lloyd by your side.

now, all ramblings aside, i must admit now that the reason behind this post is that yesterday, i bought my very own pair of pacific blue sunglasses ... for P215.00 (or something like that). here's the back story:

i was crazy tired, not to mention crazy sleepy, so true to form, i spent an hour or so walking around my favorite mall. i got a couple of stuff that i intend to wear for the KL trip, checked the home stuff (and found treasures which i ended up not buying, good job me), and was at the second floor just walking around when i spied the area where they sell sunglasses.

now, because of my unusually round face (and head, and body ... yes, all of me is round), i've always had difficulty buying sunglasses. as a matter of fact, for the longest time, i had to live with squinting against the sun while driving. then i read how squinting makes you get wrinkles, and i started spying wrinkles around my eye area, so i said to myself that i gotta go on a quest to find shades that'll fit my face.

it was tough at first, but thank goodness that oversized frames became a huge thing, and boom, all of a sudden, i could find some that would fit me.

the first pair i got my friends called my "aging artist leaves rehab look". it was dark, it was round, and i got it from one of those ubiquitous i2i counters. i loved it and actually wore them a lot, until i gave them to a friend's sister who loved them too and wore them a lot. why'd i give them away? well cause i found pair #2 -- square-ish frames from bayo.

the bayo sunglasses were light, and i loved the case, except that (1) i lost the case and (2) the frames started peeling. i guess it might have been cause i wear them even when i'm on the water, hence the saltwater makes the plastic icky. so i used them until i found pair #3 - my "oh-so-sad-someone-passed-away" shades.

and, not to make light of my grand-aunt's death or anything, but i actually bought them the day before my grand-aunt's funeral, and i wore them to said funeral, and that's it. they're a pair from charles and keith, and i love them so, and i actually wear them all the time. and they're still fine.

but, unfortunately, it has nothing against my uber-love for bea alonzo and my desire to buy shades from a brand she endorses.

(okay, the fact that the shades are (1) cheap (2) fit my face perfectly and (3) did i say cheap? factored in too☺)

so, now i have a new pair of shades.

incidentally, i was actually intending to write more about shades -- right now my future is feeling so bright and i'm terribly excited about it. maybe that'll be part 2 instead.

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