Wednesday, September 15, 2010

alas singco y medya

staring at the time at the bottom right corner of my monitor, trying to figure out how and when i'll be able to finish everything. see, in the span of an 8-hour working day, things got dropped on my plate and all of a sudden, i can't help but feel like a headless chicken headed out in a million and one directions.

same time tomorrow, i'd be on my way to the airport for a brief trip to a place i've never been to before. needless to say, i'm excited -- very excited. being the (sporadically) OC person that i am, i had my schedule down pat:
  • tuesday night: pack and prepare things for trip
  • wednesday: go to bank, pay bills, fix everything else at work.
  • wednesday night: bring luggage to friend's house
  • thursday: finalize work stuff and think happy thoughts while surfing the net for some last minute plans
  • thursday afternoon: leave office at five to be at meeting place by 5:45
  • thursday evening: pretend like i fly out of manila every single day of my life.
not bad, right?

at 9:00 am, i received a text message: the hearing which was set last 10 September 2010 had finally been scheduled ... to tomorrow at 8:30 a.m.

a little before lunch, i received a call: an old/new client (old cause her mom was a client, new cause we've never been engaged by the daughter before) who needed something urgent -- can we meet today in the afternoon.

the meeting dragged on for two hours, with me talking and advising. then she said, wait, i'll think about it. so i wasn't really able to do anything but research some more to address her problem. after half an hour or so, she returned, okay, she'll take us.

translation: my schedule now looks like this:
  • wednesday night: work
  • thursday morning: hearing + more work
  • thursday afternoon: meeting + more work
and i can only pray that EVERYTHING gets done by 5pm tomorrow so i can say sayonara to everyone, and see you on monday.

p.s. it's now quarter to six... i am a bazillion arguments away from finishing my pleading, and i have to go to the bank and do some more stuff. good luck to me.

2 said hello!:

Niq said...

waahhh...Hehe Ba't ganun kung kelan super to the excited tayo may biglang mangyayari...Wag naman sa isang trip ko. =) Goodluck. Bawiin mo sa trip lahat atty. =)

roxy said...

salamat sa well-wishes ☺☺☺ save for the neverending threat of rain, and a flat tire on the way home this morning, the trip was the absolute best -- great friends, great place, great experiences (and great shopping and pictures!)

god bless and thanks for dropping by! sa uulitin!

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