Monday, April 26, 2004

Vacations are tricky.

They're especially trickier if you believed that you can actually take a leave from work, accomplish stuff while at home, and come to work once a week with a bunch of stuff you've accomplished. Why? Because only a real superwoman can do something like that. Mere mortals like me succumb to sleeping, eating, Animal Crossing, television, dates, and going out of town.

And I've come to realize that I'm actually good at all five.

My daily routine has been reduced to waking up at 7 a.m., watching television until my eyes hurt, playing Animal Crossing until my butt and fingers hurt, eating fried food until my tummy hurts, then going back to bed to sleep until my head hurts. Once in a while, I manage to fit into my non-sleeping clothes to go out on dates with the pilot and when the aunt beckons, I join her in her out of town jaunts.

That's how I've been reduced to a sloth.

Not good, not good at all.

But, being the positive thinker that I am, I may be able to salvage the rest of my vacation just yet.

See, I've got a month left to go. And if some burst of responsible energy comes my way, then I may be able to finally do what I have got to do.

Not. :-)

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

as if them blocking friendster wasn't enough, i can't access blogger and blogger-hosted blogs anymore. please bear with me as i finally configure
my email account at home.

so, tidbits...

i'm happy. very happy.

i did go to enchanted kingdom. sorry pam i didn't get to try your recommended food. i did get terribly soaked at rio grande rapids and so if you were there last tuesday too, the girl walking slopping around the park was me. i changed much later cause in the heat being wet was a bit good cause it cooled me down. i love the 4D theater (although my foot got caught under the chair when all of a sudden the chair "dropped"). i recommend enchanted to EVERYONE.

i'm off to subic to serve as my aunt's driver. hopefully there they'll have internet with NO firewalls.

see you soon!

Monday, April 12, 2004

summer, finally

when you're a student, summer starts after you put that final period in the final bluebook on your last final exam. the feeling is heady, like you can't get over the fact that another schoolyear has ended and that you've got two whole months of just slumming in your bed.

i wish i were a full-time student. that would've meant that my summer would've begun after i turned in my crummy private international law integrated outline.

but i'm not. i'm a teacher. that meant going over requirements i regret having given, putting a grade on each of them, and having lengthy notes why those were the grades i gave them for the course. it means computing, coming up with gradesheets, and ultimately deciding whether to give that really hardworking kid a 1.75 instead of a 2.0.

however, at 8:30 a.m. today, i was finally able to finish my grades.

yep, for the first time, i turned them in before the deadline.


summer vacation, here i come.

first stop, cheesy as it may be, is enchanted kingdom.

space shuttle, rio grande rapids, and anchors away, we meet again.

Tuesday, April 06, 2004

oops, i did it again

it could've been the flowers.
it could've been the card.
it could've been the wedding we attended.
or it could've been the date afterwards.

it could've been the view, breathtaking really.
or the fireworks below.
it could've been the girl singing overjoyed and bridges.

it couldn't have been cause we were drunk, cause neither of us ordered anything alcoholic.
it couldn't really have been the place, because we both have bad memories of being there in the past.

but whatever.
you asked.
i said yes.

april 3, 2004.
9:05 p.m.

disclaimer... i wish it were a wedding proposal, but it wasn't. he just asked me to be his girlfriend.

Friday, April 02, 2004

so what if i'm a lakers fan?

i grew up with a steady diet of basketball. my mom was an all time jaworski fan and she made sure none of us at home forgot that fact. the first time i actually stood up against her about anything was when i put my foot down that i was going to be a patrimonio/purefoods fan even if she threatened to cut off ALL purefoods products, hotdogs and corned beef included.

over the years, the love for the game grew. i learned the teams in the nba, which team was west, and which one was east. i made little bets in east vs. west all-star games. i fell in love with sir charles and had his picture in my algebra book for inspiration. i can identify players by their shoes. i had the baseball caps and the merchandise.

but then sir charles retired and pba got boring and i got into a dorm with no cable and one television for 500 residents.

recently, however, i've been rekindling my ties with the game. my brother's happy he has someone to watch the game with again. the pilot's happy that i actually appreciate basketball, period.

then it happened. i became a lakers fan.

and yesterday, i made a statement which sent my brother laughing -- the lakers will make it all the way to the finals. i was so confident that i bet him they would, and he agreed. then i texted the pilot telling him about the bet i made. he was so shocked at my audacity to bet for them that not only did he send SMS about my alleged stupidity for siding with the lakers, he also called just to laugh in my ear, and bet that the lakers would lose second round.

ha. my dear laker boys will make.


i think.


pray for them?
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