Sunday, May 01, 2011

the ubiquitous yellow shopping bag

i was an ortigas girl when forever 21 first opened. i must've been part of the .001% who wasn't terribly excited.

oh, i read all the blog posts raving about its opening. and i saw all those shoppers with yellow bags milling about. i think i must've gone in once, or twice, but i never really saw anything i wanted to buy.

yesterday was the megamall three-day sale. being the obedient underling that i am (ha!ha! as if i needed any form of encouragement.) i accompanied my boss to megamall after our seminar. first stop: forever 21.

the crowds, long lines, dearth of dressing rooms, and heavy bag (i had just come from a seminar, remember?) notwithstanding, i scrounged with the best of them. and i fell in line. and i swiped that debit card (no credit card for me ... it's toooo tempting!). no worries -- i was prudent: i started the line with 6 items and ended up getting only 3, every single piece intended to be used for work, hence an "investment." (i am so a lawyer that i can actually justify purchases!)

after a year + another branch later, i have finally been converted.

on a side note, we passed by bayo and kamiseta and my boss was like, "where are all the people." simple, i replied, they were at forever 21. told her that if we had P10 for every forever 21 bag we saw, we could've paid for everything we bought between the two of us. and you know what, we probably would've had some left over.

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