Thursday, May 12, 2011

if all days were weekends ...

... i'd probably be deathly bored by now. hahaha.

{by the way, here's a pic of me wearing the look-alike blouse}

but since they aren't, i can't wait till this saturday ☺

last weekend was the company outing at las casas filipinas. i'd been there before and while i liked the place, i didn't exactly love it. so i wasn't terribly excited about going to the outing, but my boss said that she'd go if one of us went and i didn't want to be a killjoy. i figured, i'd probably rack up model employee points (my ultimate goal, wait, my penultimate goal. taking over a particular department happens to be the ultimate, haha!) if i did. of course, there was major regret when i realized that it would be the same day as the lingkod alabang outing (at splash island, where i'd never been and always wanted to go!) but i thought, maybe it's time to widen my horizon a bit.

i did enjoy the outing, and las casas too, if only cause it's soooo much bigger now and there's a number of things that weren't there before. i got to sleep after lunch and read a book and eat lotsa food and pose in pictures (clearly i indulged in the most important things in my life, hahahaha!). being the admin-minded person that i was, i wasn't so happy with how things didn't seem so organized and how the outing, despite months of planning, seemed so haphazardly put together. then again, maybe this would further bolster my take-over bid in that department. mwahahaha!

this coming weekend, i've a date with the sabado girls to go to the big bang album launch, and there's a videoke + laser tag activity in the evening. so much for my plan to load up the car with gas and just hie off somewhere. then again, sunday's free. maybe i can still do my one-person-getaway then ☺

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