Saturday, April 30, 2011

things loved

there are times when the world comes together to give you a week that will cheer you up, notwithstanding the fact that your hair, after a gruelling six-hour session in the parlor, decides to mimic the arnel pineda look, pre-haircut days.

thanks, universe, for these things:

{organizing a surprise advanced birthday party for gwapo boss,
whose birthday happens to be today}

{baked donut sandwich with bacon and ham from mister donut}

{birthday vouchers for gwapo boss' birthday
p.s. i made these!}

{two-day seminar at EDSA shang with free-flowing food!}

2 said hello!:

RichieZ said...

I still haven't tried that Baked Donut.. I gotta admit, it looks pretty good :)

roxy said...

tsk tsk ... you should try it, although you do have to remind them to toast to donut before serving it to you.

a disclaimer though -- for some reason, none of the subsequent orders tasted as great as the first time i tasted this baby, so i can't really vouch for this anymore.

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