Thursday, May 26, 2011


i think i've mentioned it here before: i am a major sucker for presents. thus, when i first started working for the government, my brother teased me and said, "oh no, ate, you might end up being horribly corrupt."

i didn't.

it didn't change the fact, however, that my undying love and loyalty can be had with presents (and boys with mazda 3 vehicles, but that's another story entirely). so imagine my utter joy when i met up with tito gil + the entire baltazar clan once more and was given lovely, lovely presents.

like this bag.

and this perfume. (incidentally, it's the same perfume as last year's. wonder what's the fascination with carolina herera. do i tell him i'm partial to elizabeth arden fragrances?)

and these chocolates.

*sigh* i'm feeling the love.

incidentally, i'm so blessed with good friends cause theo, after learning my fascination with wooden hangers, ordered a bunch for me from ikea. happiness!!!

thanks for the lovely pasalubong!!!

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