Friday, May 06, 2011

easter has come

i can still remember how i felt early january when i learned that i needed a root canal. i though that my bad luck streak had run out -- after all, i had just gone through spending a lot on plumbing repairs, being locked out of the house, replacing my front door knobs, getting an uber-tiny gown after waiting for more than a month, the car battery dying on me, and various plumbing problems. but with the news that i would have to spend a small fortune on my teeth, well that was the last straw.

it felt like i was on extended lent.

and then blessings started coming bit by bit. a two-day seminar + another two-day seminar (one that i asked for and they gave me) + the kate spade BB pouch arriving + the check finally being released + being able to score really cheap tickets + being able to book using really cheap tickets on a 3-day long weekend for those who work in qc meaning i don't have to go on an additional leave.

yesterday, the box arrived. and since my brother picked it up from tita mayu's house, i asked him if he would kindly drop it off here at work and he did ☺ shared some of the bounty (loot!) with the people at work. happiness, right?

have a blessed friday, everyone. and Lord, thank you for this respite. this child is finally truly celebrating her easter.

p.s. i noted that most of my blessings came in the form of material things. maybe God just knows me (and my love language) so well. ha ha.

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