Monday, May 09, 2011

same shirt, different girl

i can still remember the last time it happened. i had picked out a lovely oath-taking dress from plains and prints and thought that in a sea of a 1,893 future lawyers, what are the chances that someone would pick out the same dress? or, if someone were to pick out the same outfit, what are the chances that i'd bump into her?

apparently, 100%. as i was waiting for my grandmother, there was this girl, in the same outfit, albeit different shoes. i immediately changed course -- or i probably hid behind a tree -- lest i totally bump into someone who felt as pretty as i did in the frilly white dress.

fast forward to our company outing. there were about a hundred of us. me, i was happy i found this shirt:

it was everything i wanted - white (i happen to love white tops), with frilly sleeves (i love frilly details), and fit me nicely. it was comfy, and it was cheap enough that i wouldn't mind should anything happen to it during the outing. when i got the shirt, i was like, "what are the chances that someone would end up with the same shirt as myself?"

same way the it was a little more than four years ago when i took the lawyer's oath, 100%.

what's worse, she was wearing - as i was - black shorts. what hurts though was that she was thinner, waaaaaaaaaaaaay thinner. it was like we were tweedledee and tweedledum, except that unlike the alice in wonderland pair, only one of us was fat.

i wanted to wilt in my cute (ha! ha!) rubbershoes. i wanted to hide (as much as someone my size could hide). i wanted to melt into a puddle and just slither around till it was time to go home. in the end, though, i paraded in my frilly white t-shirt (well, paraded as much as i could - i couldn't go to the washroom when we were all in the function room since i'd have to pass in front of the emcee and everyone would see me and they probably had seen her and they'd be like - hey, same outfit!). i must admit, though, that my eyes darted left and right the entire day -- making sure i wasn't anywhere near her and she wasn't anywhere near me.

did anyone notice? well, no one had the guts to come up to me and say, "hey you have the same shirt as xxxxxx!" maybe i was just in polite company, or maybe no one was really paying attention to what people were wearing. then again, pics are being uploaded on FB and on the company shared folders. i'm sure one of these days, someone will have the panache to tease me about being twins with the other girl on the company outing. but until that day comes, i'll be glad to pretend that no one noticed.

as for that frilly white shirt ... it might not see the light of day, not for a looooooong while.

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