Sunday, May 22, 2011

sunday, bloody sunday

it's been a while since i blogged from my bed. ever since i got the desk in my room organized, i've been pretty disciplined about sitting on a chair, at my desk, whenever i'd use jackson wagner (uhm, that's the name of my laptop, yes, i'm not embarrassed that it has a name!). but things are, unfortunately, crazy at home last night. after yesterday's "choose your own adventure" activity which ann and i organized, we all hied off to my house for a late dinner + movie. it was soooooo fun cause we turned my living/dining areas into a movie theater with the lcd projector + screen. and we had ice cream and cake and popcorn and everything else in between so it was all decadent and fun.

so, as you can imagine, even with the slight clean-up after the activity (which involved throwing everything inside garbage bags), the house needs a major do-over: mop the floors, polish table tops, return furniture to their proper places. i've gotten started on some of the things, already - the throw pillows on the couch are in their proper places already - but it's just tooooo hot right now to contemplate on doing more.

right outside my window, three men are going at it with my - as one of them aptly described it - masukal garden (if you could still call it that). i gave them free reign to just hack everything off (there's too much going on inside the house as it is ... i can't be bothered with outside stuff anymore) and to take everything they can sell (wait -- don't take my jeans off the clothesline!!!). i'm praying that after cutting off giant mango branches overhanging my property, taking away all the bushes that are -- for lack of a better word -- scary already, and cleaning my roof, that i'll have less problems in the next couple of days.

of course, i'd much rather be at the magarbo sale right now, perusing clothes inside an airconditioned room, but i have to do this. this - house cleaning, ordering men to fix the outside of my house, budgeting the imaginary quarterly bonus i received to pay for everything i need to get done this weekend (and then some. that's how "imaginary" it is -- mauubos siya in one weekend to pay for the workers, the truck that'll haul the branches away, and my lunch) -- is apparently what being an adult means, and while i understand it, i don't exactly cherish it.

sigh, thank goodness for dinner with kit's girlfriend to look forward to. dinner = free, and in my book, that's a great way to cap off sunday, bloody sunday.

*p.s. of course a mass should be included in the mix, it being a holy day of obligation. yesterday, the last pit stop of the urban adventure was anticipated mass in bf and going to mass with the lingkod brothers and sisters is one of the best ways to spend time with God.

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