Tuesday, May 03, 2011

more shopping loot

{i made sure to cover "that" part of the shirt in order to keep
this blog strictly PG. here's an image of the actual painting.}

i'm not exactly sure if i read it here first or if he told me about it (or it could've actually been the giant poster over at EDSA), but i've wanted to get a piece of the freeway art collection for the longest time. but sometimes their stuff don't fit me, and freeway isn't exactly one of my "top of mind" stores, so i keep neglecting to get a piece.

and then the megamall 3-day sale happened. and we stumbled onto freeway where i saw the shirt theo had been wanting for the longest time. better yet, it was on MAJOR sale - only P299.

as i always tell gay when we find items we love on sale, it's virtually a sin to pass it up. so, without really thinking, and knowing that the places i can actually wear this shirt is quite limited, i got it.


(side note: as i said, i knew that the times i could wear this shirt out would be few and far in between, owing to the "controversial" message of the shirt -- if you know what i mean. since i was just going to run errands on saturday, and totally didn't anticipate running into anyone, i gladly donned the shirt and proudly walked out of my home. of course, it had to be the day i bump into someone -- actually two soneones -- from my catholic singles community. i think i must've fidgeted so much (out of fear) that i ended up doing what i wanted to prevent, that is, to draw attention to my shirt. in any case, now i know better. maybe next time i should just wear it when i go to the province. it's not like my lola would actually comment on what i'm wearing, right?)

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