Sunday, May 29, 2011

my weekend

{this weather}*


{these new pillows}


{christmas snoopy shirt from mama}

girl in an off-season christmas shirt.

i had a list of errands to run saturday, including a trip to SM to buy wooden hangers using the GC i won from the ascof super mom contest (papa - i'm not the super mom, i just wrote this essay for a contest at work) but i ended up staying at home (save to make a trip to baliwag to buy liempo for dinner. i hadn't eaten anything the entire day!) because of the rain. the weather was crazy -- it was super sunshiny in the morning, prompting me to tackle the mountains of laundry that had accumulated over the weeks cause of the weather, but i was only a load and a half into my wash when it started raining.

and raining.

and raining some more.

so i ended up going online, catching up on FB stuff, writing future blog posts, and cleaning the house.

i know it's more than half a year away from christmas, but when the weather's this gorgeous (i love the rain, just like my dad) and new pillows are on the bed, a girl can't help but think happy thoughts. and, if you know me well enough, you'd know that for me, happy thoughts = christmas.

*weather map image from here

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