Monday, May 30, 2011

my own leather satchel

because of thebaghag's mulberry alexa + frances' post about her own desire to own one, i likewise wanted my own satchel.

of course, it didn't help that emily loves her own alexa so much that she uses it enough to remind me to be on the lookout for a version that my taongbayan budget can actually afford.

at the forever 21 sale, i found a pewter satchel, and since the price was perfect, i snagged it up without thinking. it's great -- i actually love the color pewter -- but it's not exactly the easiest bag to use. so when frances asked her readers if they'd be interested in an affordable handmade leather satchel, i immediately fired off an email and hoped that i could get my hands on one.

as i was tidying up my room, i realized that long before i lusted after the mulberry alexa, my dad had already given me a satchel.

{my reward for winning my first case as a lawyer}

after graduating from law school, and with zero plans and zero prospects, i jumped at the chance to clerk for my former student's mom who had just been recently appointed to the court of appeals. the money wasn't bad, and at that time, i was a law graduate who had just spent the past five years (i was working + was in the evening class, so i needed an extra year to finish) earning a degree. i was so focused on graduating that i realized i didn't even know what i was going to do with my degree after i had earned it!

after almost three years, the "itch" to be a real lawyer (translation: abogado de campanilla) bit me, so i left my cushy government job and moved to a firm. one of the first original (in the beginning, all of my cases were passed on to me by the lawyer who had just resigned) cases was a labor case that i had actually prayed would be assigned to me. less than a year later, the labor arbiter came out with a decision in favor of my client.

i had just won my first case.

i was so excited that i immediately sent my parents as text message about the win. days later, i received an email from my mom -- apparently, my dad was so excited for me that he got me what he deemed a "lawyer's bag" from coach.

{my dad isn't a big fan of coach, but i am.}
side note: both of my parents aren't fans of the brand, and couldn't exactly understand why i liked the overpriced leather goods, so i was actually more than surprised that my dad got me this beautiful handsome leather satchel.

*sigh* while i totally love my new job, and while i don't miss the stress that comes from being a litigation lawyer, i truly wish that one day, i'd get the opportunity to use this bag on a regular basis once more.

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