Thursday, May 19, 2011


i love paella.

but i can't really afford it all the time.

so thank goodness for clara ole ora mix mo -- because it allows me to have paella any day i wish.

just like last sunday.

brown rice + the ora mix mo + left over squid from the previous night's dinner at gilligan's = faux-ella.

in the mummy, rachel weisz repeatedly utters, "patience is a virtue." and while it may be true, tell that to my rumbling tummy craving for a paella. it (my rumbling tummy, that is) believes that patience isn't always a virtue, and because of clara ole ora mix mo, it isn't so. ☺

p.s. god forbid that you should think this is a paid post cause (1) i'm not a food blogger and (2) only five people read this blog. so there.

4 said hello!:

chepie said...

hi rosa, you don't know me but i guess i could claim to know you by association. both jo and gay are dear friends from our polsci block, and i read their blogs (and you are always mentioned there).

i just want you to know that im probably your 6th reader. :)

continue to write. God bless.


roxy said...

hi pie :)

i've heard so much about you, both from gay and jewel :) thanks for the encouragement and for reading my online rants. and i hope you won't stop being my 6th reader.

have a blessed day :)

chepie said...

is it okay to link your blog to mine?:)

roxy said...

sureness ☺☺☺

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