Saturday, May 28, 2011

happy happy joy joy

it was an innocent enough text. would i be able to be at alabang by 7pm?

i said, yep, 645 even.

so theo replied, okay meet me at switch near the spa. may bibilhin daw siya.

i thought he'd be buying headphones, or something innocuous like that. and then we entered the store and he told the salesperson who greeted us, i'd want the macbook pro. do you have it in stock?

oh-kay ... i think i must've choked on my own saliva. i don't think i've ever entered a store in my life and offered to buy something in a snap. then again, we're talking about theo here. and he's able to shock me just like that.

the salesperson rung up the purchase and theo asked, can i test it? and so she volunteered to set it up for him.

during the unboxing, i was surprised at how un-excited he was over the entire thing. so i interfered and said, wait, this deserve pictures! it's the unboxing of a major gadget (at least, major to me).

so i whipped out my camera and forced him to pose:

{theo holding the plastic-wrapped macbook pro}

i couldn't actually believe he allowed the salesperson to rip the security sticker and un-pack the entire thing. but then, that's him and his kayamanan. i am, after all, taongbayan lamang.

{username and password please!}

theo kept laughing at me cause i was more excited than him. he said that the only reason he purchased it was that he couldn't be the society blogger he wants to be (seriously!) unless he has a working pc. and since nahamugan the one-and-a-half year old laptop he's been using, he needed one asap.

gosh, my friends are so alta.

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trisha said...

i know! its expensive noh? me nga, i rarely use my mac book air becaise i am so used with the desktop pc... :)

hey, rosa! maybe we can have a drink naman at your house one time. :) pass by ako then we can have a drink or two while chatting...

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