Wednesday, May 25, 2011

26 years ago ... or thereabouts

thanks to GB who alerted me that this pic has been uploaded on facebook.

i'd had a horrible day - not really horrible horrible but just one of those days where you're pretty much beat and unhappy and not really motivated -- so seeing this picture made me realize a couple of things ...

1. my super achiever cousins are clearly achievers even in pics. note the stoic faces.

2. my payat cousins are, well, payat from childhood.

3. i've always been rounder than my relatives, with "big" hair.

but, please note that i think i've got a really sweet smile and funny how while it was my cousin nadia's birthday (she's the one wearing aqua and white stripes), i'm sorta edging her out to take center stage. bata pa lang, epal na!

p.s. points to those who can identify (1) my mom and (2) my brother in the pic.

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