Friday, May 20, 2011

the courtesy of a reply

there's a couple of things that i dislike.

chipped nail polish.
an empty train that i fail to catch.
people who don't reply to text messages.

so i might be one of the reasons why the philippines is the text capital of the world, and yes, one of the happiest things in my life is the fact that my phone plan provides for unlimited globe-to-globe and globe-to-TM text messages. i admit that i'm that friend who sends a crazy number of text messages in a single day, especially to good friends. believe me - i understand that you cannot reply to every single text message i send, especially if the only reply you'll be sending is a half-hearted HA!HA!

but once in a blue moon, i do send text messages that require a reply.

like when i'm asking you to confirm your attendance in an activity.
or when i'm waiting somewhere for you and don't know where you are.
or when i'm picking you up and i'm double-parked, the hazard lights are on, and the security guard is telling me to get the hell out of there and you're not there.

so if i might seem kulit about my stories or my anecdotes or i'm ranting about something. but if the text message clearly requires a reply, please do. that's the polite thing to do.

and, oh, i also dislike the reply "k" ... but that's an entirely separate post. ☺

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