Monday, April 25, 2011

bedroom love ♥

when my parents left for the US years ago, one of the first things my brother did was to migrate from his old bedroom to my parents' room. after all, it was bigger, it had the cable connection, and it had a private bathroom. and then he moved to the other house so it was sorta expected that i'd migrate to my parents' bedroom.

for a while, my clothes did. and there was a time when i "worked" there, having fixed the desk and all that. but at the end of the day, what can i say, i am still mighty in love with my room. so my clothes moved back (well, at least some did. i've kept the stuff i don't exactly use a lot in their bedroom, as well as my bags) and i've cleared the tiny desk in my room so i can "work" here as well.

and, thanks to all the online inspiration, i think i've converted my room sufficiently from the stuff my teenage dreams were made of to one that is functional, grown up, and cozy.

these boxes now reside on my desk. inspired by young house love i'm keeping the power strip with all the plugs from the lamp, the "moon" on the wall, and my laptop inside the bottom box and all my computer-related stuff -- usb, external hard drive, sun broadband wireless usb (when i'm not using it), usb hubs (i've got two - remember the useless octopus i bought? boo) -- on the top box. my room has a major dearth of outlets, so in order to keep the electronic things on my "work area" functional, i need an extension cord that'll snake itself all the way to the outlet. since i want to be able to turn off the power strip when i'm not on my desk (to minimize fire hazards), but i don't want my desk to be a snake of wires and outlets, they're all inside that box. i've sliced an opening on one side so that's where all the cords go in ... and out as well. when i'm not using anything, it's just all so neat and pretty, and we all know how neat and pretty is such an elusive concept to me.

after theo helped me move the furniture in my room, i ended up having two, albeit mismatched, side tables. one rests on each side of the bed, and even though i just sleep on a twin bed and it's actually weird having two side tables for such a narrow bed, it's uber functional so i'm keeping it that way. since i now have two side tables, i figured, it would be nice to have lamps on each side of the bed as well. i got these lamps on MAJOR discount, thinking i'd paint them except that (1) i haven't gotten around to painting them and (2) i think they're kinda pretty, although they don't exactly match my bedroom's colors. one day i shall get there. btw - on top of the pile is yet another of my cheap books, one that i'm almost done reading and it's such a cool read cause its not only about the It bags, but also about how our bags say stuff about us as well. maybe one day i shall do a post about what's inside my bag.

here are the pretty 20x20 throw pillows on my bed. the pillows inside i actually got after one particularly harrowing day at the firm. the print caught my eye, and i wanted them sooooo bad that i resorted to retail therapy. and then i got home and realized they don't match anything. nor do they go with anything. they stick out like a sore thumb. boo. so i tried buying covers for them, but the one i got were too big so i had to return those. it's been a quest since then, until i came up with the brilliant (haha!) idea of using 20X30 pillow cases and just shortening them to make them 20X20. but, as with the lamp, i haven't had the energy to do the stuff i set out to do so i just folded the tops like envelopes, secured them with a safety pin from the inside, and convinced myself that the flap is a design that i came up with. isn't it brilliant? yes, i agree too. hahaha.

all the prettiness aside, i'll admit it that if my instincts were to get the best of me, and if i were to allow nature to take over, everything will be one grand mess.

i'll also admit it that (1) i'm the type who not only eats in her room, but also in her bed (perfect for those times when all you want to do is stay in bed and read); (2) that i spent this week's extra money (no work = minimal spending. my pamasahe alone costs soooo much, and it's twice that when i do decide to bring the car) on books last monday; and (3) i drink from the pitcher (what? i live at home ... alone. no one else drinks from the pitchers except me. and i wash it all the time, like i'd wash a glass i drank from. so there).

here's all the proof you'll need:

see: half-filled pitcher of lukewarm water (i hate lukewarm water!), spicy dilis in the ziplock back, dried squid thingees in the yellow packaging, and P50 books from national bookstore.

maybe one day i'll be able to do a "tour" of the room, or of the house - one day when everything's all nice and fixed and pretty and sparkly. but until then, you'll have to be satisfied with random pictures of prettiness.

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