Sunday, May 23, 2010

the day-long date

around lunch time on thursday, i received a text message from *this* boy.

you see, i met his uncle four years ago when i was still working for the government. a year later, when my boss was visiting him and his family in new jersey, they cooked up the idea of setting me up with his nephew.

now, not only had i no intentions of being set up with someone who not only lives a world away, but it also felt weird that the set up was being done by one's boss. what if it's a great fail? what if we do end up getting together and then the relationship fail?

then i thought some more and realized, hey, he IS halfway across the world. what are the chances that we'd be at the same place at the same time?

so i said, sure, any time.

okay, that line translated into regular phone calls (from the uncle who'd pass the phone to *the* boy) during pacquiao's fights (they get together at the uncle's house) over the years. and, the two times the uncle went home to the philippines the last couple of years, i'd meet them for either lunch or dinner and i'd get updates and what not. and, oh, i'd get pasalubong too.

it got to the point that i'd met everyone (well, almost everyone) except the boy.

and then one day, i found he was coming home.

and then we had dinner. it was okay. but when asked if there was a spark, i had to say none. after all, how much spark can you get if you two were sitting across his sister and his uncle (another uncle, btw), and were crazy tired after an uber long day?

but then, as i said, the day after that fateful dinner, i received a text message from *the* boy asking me if i'd want to go to las casas filipinas with them.

and, after much (okay, little) thinking, i said yes.

so we went to mt. samat.

... where i sorta pretended to having been to before so they don't ask me to kiss the ground. it was a beautiful place. and, it was a not-so-gentle reminder why we don't have work on 9 april every year.

then we went to las casas filipinas. my uncle had heard so many good things about this place that he wanted to chaperone me.

it was very pretty.

unfortunately, by the time we were done there, i was hot, sweaty, and sticky that i'm willing to bet that even if i were the hottest thing on the planet, *the* boy would be turned off by my icky self.

i though we were done for the day but apparently, we were still going to have halo-halo somewhere, and that somewhere turned out to be the lighthouse at subic bay.

i started the day with him at around 6:45 am and we parted ways after ten in the evening already.

did i have fun, yes.

was it an adventure i'd do again, probably.

it was lovely, really, i got a lot of chat-time with *the* boy and i did get to know him a little better. however, if nothing happens between us once he's back in the US, well, i'm blaming the 9 relatives who went with us on the date and did nothing the entire day but pressure us to be in a relationship by the end our day-long date.

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