Friday, April 29, 2011

{shallow} dreams DO come true

i first saw it at made by girl.

clicked on the link and got here. since it was kate spade, i thought it was going to be crazy expensive. prohibitive expensive. turns out, it wasn't.

so i made plans on how to get it. good thing tita mayu was going to go to the US so i could have someone order it for me and she could bring it home. since i'm madaldal, i blogged about it first. and then i made arrangements to have tita mayu order it for me and bring it home.

the following day, i read this comment on my blog. papa was going to get it for me ... as a belated birthday gift.

i had to restrain myself from jumping up and down in the office. after all, i'm sorta respected out here.

and now, here it is.

thanks, papa. turns out, no matter how old you are, fathers can still make their darling daughter's dreams come true.

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