Tuesday, April 19, 2011

as we enter the heart of the lenten season ...

... may our hearts be ready to recall Christ's passion and death brought about by our own sinfulness.

this year's lent will be a wee bit more "special" since i still can't shake off the beautiful reflections from lingkod alabang's lenten retreat lead by bro. bros flores. jesuits are truly amazing servants, i tell you, and bros is no exception. so, as i hie off to cabanatuan to be with family, i will still make sure that time will be spent with God in reflection and prayer. there's so much to be thankful for, especially since holy tuesday (that's today, albeit on a different date in 2007) is my "lawyer anniversary date".

since (according to ann, at least) tomorrow still isn't technically lent, i plant to get a lot of errands done. thanks to our SVL (special vacation leave) policy, we won't have any work tomorrow, and thanks to MMDA, there's no coding tomorrow as well which means that i can get around easily. there'll be the trip to the casa (for my car aircon) and to the parlor (for my hair) and to the repair shop (for my portable dvd). i'm thinking of fixing the house as well, but since i can't wash my hair for the next three days, i'll be skipping that. i don't want the universe to think that i'm fasting on taking showers, not that anyone will be actually smelling my head. but, you can never tell ☺

have a meaningful lent, everyone. and happy 4th year lawyer anniversary to me. i can't imagine i've had three jobs since i passed the bar, not to mention my sidelines, but who would've thought i'd be where i am today? god is marvelous, especially during lent.

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Francisco said...

much as i hate to leave a comment, can't pass up on this one. the "passion and death" is the intro. the resurrection is the climax and the main point of the coming season. the suffering and eventual death is the cost of our sin. the resurrection is god's acceptance of the sacrifice implying the forgiveness of our sins.

roxy said...

thanks, papa, for your reminder. i remember when we had that talk and you told me that no matter what i end up believing in, never to forget that we are all saved by faith ... and that had Christ not risen from the cross, then all the passion and death would've been in vain.

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