Thursday, April 28, 2011

2011 easter shoes

while the things i give up (or take on) for lent vary from year to year, one thing that has been constant was giving up shoe shopping. this is oftentimes difficult for someone like me who (1) is more than just fond of footwear, (2) a compulsive shopper, and (3) has a birthday that oftentimes fall during the lenten season. add to that the fact that a myriad of stores host their mall-wide sales within the 40-day fast and you've got a girl who can't wait till easter.

the wonderful thing, though, is that more often than not, easter turns into such a marvelous celebration for me. and, the patience is generally rewarded. shoes that i want, in my size no less, remain on sale till i can purchase them. sometimes, shoes i've wanted that weren't on sale previously, magically go on sale. and sometimes, when i'm extremely blessed, i get free shoes.

i went home to the province to spend part of the holy week with my family. when she got back from the US, tita celia mentioned that she got me a pair of shoes but that they were in the box that she hoped would arrive before the holy week. i had totally forgotten about them until she mentioned the magic words when i got to cabanatuan: "your shoes are here."

happy easter indeed.

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