Tuesday, April 26, 2011

food review: selecta's hershey's collection reese's

a long time ago, my friend introduced me to reese's. and while i wasn't a huge fan of peanut butter, i somehow fell in love with it. much later, reese's pieces came, and those i fell in love with ... a lot.

so imagine how i felt when i saw this in the grocery:

i thought, so what if we were having the biggest loser at work. and so what if it wasn't in my grocery budget. if something that cost less than P150 was going to make me extremely happy, then who am i to deprive myself, right?

right. i knew you'd agree.

so a tub came home with me and even before i could eat dinner (yes, that's one of the good things with being 30+ and alone at home -- you may eat dessert before dinner), i got started on this baby.

maybe i was expecting the ice cream to taste like reese's. or maybe i was expecting a bouquet of yumminess to just burst on my mouth. maybe i thought that aside from the reese's, there was going to be some peanut butter chunks, chocolate swirls, nuts, and marshmallows (well, i just love marshmallows so even if it didn't make sense in this case, i thought it would be a good idea to have them. ha. ha.). i can't pinpoint exactly what i was expecting, but whatever it was, this wasn't it.

in fairness, it had a LOT of broken up reese's peanut butter cups. remember how chip's ahoy advertised that you'd get a chip in every bite? well, here, you'd get a chunk of reese's peanut butter cup with each spoonful. they were generous with the chocolate, all right. but the loveliness known as reese's peanut butter cups were nestled in plain chocolate ice cream.

now, don't get me wrong, i love chocolate ice cream. but, somehow, in this case, it just seemed so wrong, so un-special. it felt like the person who came up with it didn't think much about it and just dumped chocolate onto ice cream. and to me, that's sad.

so i still have the tub of ice cream in my freezer. and while i'd grab a spoon or two every now and then, it hasn't sufficiently tickled my fancy to force me to sit down and just gobble everything up. maybe that's a good thing. but knowing me, that really isn't. sooner or later, when i clean up the freezer, i'd see it and knowing it's been there for ages, i'd throw it out. so much for happiness for below P150.

now, if it were puno's cheese casuy macapuno ice cream (imagine, only P205 for half a gallon) we're talking about ....

2 said hello!:

RichieZ said...

Im a fan of anything Reese's, so this totally worked for me hehe :)

[pinkc00kies] said...

oh god. i love reese's!

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