Sunday, April 24, 2011

random thoughts on a warm sunday summer eve ... which happens to be easter!

while the samsung galaxy tab is an amazing "toy", i've been nothing but confounded by the program. the lonny i've tried downloading for my aunt couldn't be found anywhere, and windows kept opening, and so i kept on closing them, and i never end up where i want to go. IMHO, it's just good for angry birds and bejeweled, which is basically all i learned to do with it.

i got my third and final injection of cervarix today. thanks to my lola for her generosity -- she paid for all three injections! of course, the injections would've been better if i were younger, but, as kris said in the commercial (albeit for a another vaccine), if you can prevent cancer with a vaccine, wouldn't you do it? i would.

i googled for a lovely easter message to send to my friends and when i found one, i immediately zoned in to the lines which resonated with me the most and typed it on my phone. most of my friends just replied. my smart boss, on the other hand, asked who bishop currie was (since i cited the source, lest i be accused of plagiarism which is all the rage with lawyers these days). i answered, "the bishop of st. john's", like i actually knew where that was. unfortunately for me, she asked, "where's st. john's?" oops, i didn't have an answer to that anymore. that's what happens when you randomly google for inspiration, haha!

there's so many things i want to do/fix/finish/accomplish/buy/sell/learn/read that most of the time, my head's up in the air. i usually deal with these things by making lists, but sometimes, i distract myself even in the midst of making lists. maybe someone forgot to diagnose me with ADHD when i was younger. i remember when i was in grade 2 and my teacher had to write in my school diary that i was inattentive cause she caught me reading while she was lecturing. what can i say? the reading material was way more interesting than her. ha! ha!

i'm still on the quest to make my house neater & prettier. i know all it takes to keep it neat all the time is discipline, but somehow, i can't force myself to do stuff when the laziness monster takes over. horrible, horrible, horrible. maybe, if i made easter resolutions i'd be much better?

watching dc cupcakes ... and it's almost 10pm ... and i still have to (1) pack my stuff; (2) figure out PDIC forms; (3) wash my hair; and (4) crash so i'd wake up early tomorrow. maybe i'll just (1) gather all my stuff during commercial breaks so they're all ready for packing; (2) grab the PDIC forms and compose the emails for my relatives so that they can send me the stuff that needs to be sent; (3) postpone washing for tomorrow; and (4) rely on the fact that i have slept way beyond the quota so i wouldn't need as much sleep tonight. go figure.

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