Monday, April 11, 2011

getting crafty + a lovely retreat at oasis of prayer + the runaway mess at home

the old me would've taken a whole lot of pictures. i would've documented even the cloud formations if my pidgy little camera would allow me to. but i'm not the old me. these days, i'd rather pose in front of a friend's hi-tech camera (there's always one who is martyr enough to lug one ... even to a retreat!!!) and just wait to be tagged over at facebook. such is the lazy life.

speaking of the lazy life, friday was a "free friday" since we didn't have a prayer meeting in preparation for the retreat. i "coerced" our branch leader into allowing me to prepare something for our ten (10! yay!) guests by promising to keep expenses down to P50 per head. budget shopping is so me, so i went to the national bookstore over at santana grove and searched for the perfect journal. thank goodness i didn't have to search so hard -- there it was: for P39 only, a small journal with lovely paper. gotta love national bookstore's best buy products. since i have a thing for paper and all things crafty, i bought a whole lot of scrapbook paper (on sale!!!), stickers, and what nots to package the journals with. i wanted to personalize each journal (thank goodness for alphabet stickers on sale) so i made an "obi belt" (more like a wide sheet of paper around the journal's middle) around each journal, secured it with double-sided tape, and spelled out each attendee's name on the front portion. it was a huuuuuge hit. even the members want one.

hmmmm, maybe a christmas gift idea?

the retreat was at oasis of prayer in silang, cavite ☺we had bros, a former lingkod alabang member who's now a jesuit, lead it for us, and let me just say that i take back whatever short-tempered bursts i let out when my uber well-planned schedule + venue had to give way to bros' schedule. it was such a unique, heartfelt, god-centered retreat, none of that crying hogwash, but more of an affirmation of one's faith, beliefs, and passion. i think i've come out of that place more centered than ever. it's funny how it wasn't really that hectic of a weekend, save for the oodles of time i spent making the guests' personalized journals, but saturday evening i was knocked out by half past ten, and sunday night, well, let's just say that i got home at around 5, was in bed by six, and was drifting in and out of sleep until i gave up pretending to be awake by 9 pm and just flat out slept like a baby.

so, goodbye clearning bedroom floors. goodbye taking out the trash. goodbye changing sheets. maybe later (but we're redeeming that meto deal voucher). or tomorrow (but i'm going to the dentist for what would hopefully be my last visit). or wednesday (i'm thinking of getting my roots colored). while i LOVE having a lovely clean sparkling house, nothing beats being tucked in bed way earlier than usual. have a lovely week, everyone!

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