Wednesday, April 27, 2011

why i don't have internet at home

a long time ago, everyone had to dial-up to connect to the internet. and while it took forever, it was fine cause we didn't know any better. late at night, amazingly, i could actually use the yahoo videochat feature even though i was using a pre-paid dial-up service.

and then dsl came, and it allowed me to download a whole lot of stuff, especially when i was at tita mayu's house. but my brother and i never got around to getting dsl for the house, and then he moved out, and it seemed to expensive to be shelling out that amount of money for internet considering that (1) i was hardly at home and (2) i had internet at work.

then they had these amazing internet usb things, and i got the sun wireless prepaid thing and it's serviceable, sometimes fast, sometimes slow. it could take forever sometimes, at times not even loading, but it was okay for my needs.

i went home to cabanatuan over the holy week where internet was fast and free at my aunt's house. once more, i couldn't help but imagine how life would be if i had dsl at home. downloads! surfing! watching movies! skype-ing and magic jack-ing with family! tweet till i fall asleep! tweet when i wake up! upload pics! download pics! anything! everything!

and then i realized this: if i had internet at home, i probably wouldn't get anything done.

so no more dsl for me at home. case closed.

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