Thursday, July 15, 2010

the quest for metallic shoes goes on and on and on...

remember this? that day, after consulting a number of friends via text, i went to work, and actually attended a client meeting, wearing silver shoes with tiny silver balls and black grosgrain ribbons. and while those shoes died a natural death after being worn one too many times, my shoe closet has never been without a pair of shiny metallic flats - from bright palara silver to lovely matte gold. as a matter of fact, the other day, i barely restrained myself form buying yet another pair of gold flats. i so wanted them, but i couldn't afford them anymore, not with an upcoming trip to vietnam.

but then, i read anthology shoes's tweet. and i followed the link. and there it was: anthology's shanghai in gold.

ooooh. it's just too lovely to contemplate. and a size 8 at that. i'm beginning to think the shoe gods finally heard me.

*sigh* it would be perfect on the plane to vietnam, with a simple pair of dark jeans and a plain white button-down top. it would be perfect while eating those fresh spring rolls wearing a loose white summer dress (to hide the overstuffed tummy). it would be perfect walking around the market wearing cream shorts and a plain white tee. oooh... it would just be perfect anywhere, and considering that we're flying there and back with no check-in luggage, having one pair of shoes to go with every single outfit would just be heaven. and if i, the always over-packed shoe addict were to bring only one pair of shoes on a trip, then it would have to be something as fabulous as the shanghai in gold.

and did i say i was a size 8? at the risk of being repetitive ... it's just PERFECT.

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