Thursday, July 15, 2010

back to regular programming

power's back on (at least at 3:45 a.m. in my part of the world) and with the sun out, life is pretty much back to normal. work clothes are ironed, drinking water is cold, and i actually saw myself on the mirror as i got ready for work. save for the extra couple of minutes (okay, the extra hour) that i spent in bed this morning (i just wanted to savor it a little bit more), i must say that i ought to be back on regular programming and i can no longer use the excuse of lack of sleep, fear of flying yero, and what not to prevent me from doing what must be done.

that said, here's what my work schedule is like (oh my):
♥ hearing at rtc qc on monday afternoon
♥ memorandum for the court of appeals on tuesday
♥ comment on a petition for certiorari with the court of appeals on wednesday
♥ motion for reconsideration for a court of appeals decision on thursday
♥ hearing at nlrc calamba on thursday afternoon
and, oh, take note, those are all different cases. make it work, rosa, make it work.

in between writing up a storm, i must:
☺ get my laundry done
☺ wash my suits -- i've really nothing else to wear for next week's two hearings
☺ sweep the front, sides, and back of my house to get rid of the leaves and other basyang-related debris

isn't my life pretty boring? thank goodness i'm not. hahaha.

anyway, i'm a bit sad cause yesterday, when i passed by subway, the sign for sub of the day wasn't there anymore and i was too shy to ask the counter guy if, well, there is still sub of the day. i'm beginning to think they recognize me already since i've eaten there at least twice a week since i've re-discovered the joy of subway. maybe later i'll ask. i'm too addicted to the sweet onion dressing to actually stop now.

and, on other news, i wore one of my new pairs of shoes yesterday, and another one today. so fun, i tell you. i know i am shallow, but what do you know, the drama of last week, including the "why am i a lawyer" and all that has all but basically dissipated. i do know that it'll take more than retail therapy to get to the bottom of things as deep-seated as that, but sometimes, it's the shallow things that count.

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