Wednesday, July 21, 2010

at the end of the day

just saw tita mayu, who handed over a document to be notarized. and (to my utter joy) she asked me if i could stay a while, maybe we could have dinner.

oh yes, oh yes. after all, cake "party" doesn't start till much later, and i haven't eaten lunch yet. (well, unless you consider that giant tuna pie i began eating at 10 and finished at around 1:30, then maybe i have eaten lunch already)

it's the end of the day and while i wish i can have a pleading (in this case, a draft voluntary arbitration decision) all set out and ready for editing, i don't have one. i guess i got too tired (lazy?) to finish it. i drafted the statement of facts a long, long time ago, and now, it feels weird finishing up the latter half of it. i hate how i assumed (ass of u and me ... i know) that the draft handed over to me had the decision and it turned out -- after finally going through it yesterday -- that it was just another statement of facts. and, after i had slaved over mine, do you actually think i'll use that.

uhm, no?

anyway, yesterday's home project was a big fail (and it was mighty big considering i ripped apart a perfectly nice length of cloth i had gotten from my lola a while back, as well as a perfectly nice t-shirt my mom used to make dolls but had shipped over here for me to do with as i wish) and i was a bit disappointed, especially since the throw pillow filler i had gotten from SM was also a fail -- at 20"x20", it was still too small for the cover my mom got. i also discovered that the happy ace hardware wall clock i had gotten for P129.75 had stopped working, although i attribute that to the japan home store battery which may have died due to age (i had stocked it for a long, long time). there were also a huge selection of pillows i wanted to buy, but considering the horrible return policy we have in the philippines, i restrained myself. after all, i don't have to get everything in one big go. (although, being the impatient wench that i am, i most likely will, sooner or later.)

while figuring out a way to put my thoughts into words (and finally finish the VA draft decision) i spied the teddy bear bookend i had gotten at the st. james bazaar last christmas and realized that hey, until i get to buy my buddha heads from dapitan arcade, the bear, together with my heavy snowman paperweight (hard to imagine, cause it's supposed to be a plush doll, but it's heavy, so i use it as a paperweight of sorts), will work well for this project that i want the buddha heads for. basta. all that matters is that i am heading home tonight with the bear and snowman in a recyclable bag i had (thankfully) left in the office.

before i head home, i need to get some pretty plates (hello, P88 store?) and plastic utensils (so not environmentally friendly, but i live in bf, and i hardly have water. you must understand ... i try to cut down on waste when i can) for my cake party. plus, i want to figure out if i really ought to buy those microfibre wipes so i'll be excited to do some dusting around the house. i also want to check out the pillows at sm once more (maybe they have new stock? hahaha). i swear, this home thing is mighty addicting.

till later ☺☺☺

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