Monday, July 26, 2010

me, turn into a healthy eater? why not, chocnut.

so last week i turned into a domestic diva. and, while i've still to deal with the leaf situation outside my house (made worse by, gasp, neighbors who attacked my mango tree and left all the branches and leaves on my tiny front yard!), i've pretty much kept my side table and desk in the bedroom clean, as well as have swept almost every single night upon arriving at home.

as for cleaning the marble floors with hot water, and attacking all the other tiny projects at home, well, let's just say that yesterday, i spent the entire day alternating between my bed and my reading nook, doing nothing but, well, reading. my excuse? it was raining so hard outside to attack my growing pile of towels to be laundered.

anyway, since i'm on the rosa v. marth stewart path, i couldn't resist getting some goodies from s&r last weekend when we passed by.

at first i only had a roll of garbage bags on my cart (they were relatively cheap!!! hurrah!). and then i added a can of tuna. then my friends said it was time to go, especially since my cart was virtually empty. so i said wait ...

... and wait a bit ...

until i stumbled onto this ...

and guess what the label said: lolo rosa. hmmm... nothing like a little vanity to make me buy lettuce.

but then i also saw this ...

and truly, it was just too pretty for words that i also bought it.

what can i say? i like pretty food.

then i also bought salad dressing, and boneless fish (for use with my glad steaming bags, something i picked up from the biggest loser), and some ham (to perk up my salad greens), and viola, hello healthy eater rosa.

i'm proud to say that yesterday, while it poured outside, i was happily ensconed at home, eating my, ehem, steamed fish, and ham wrapped in salad greens. and, i'd like to think that save for the mrs, fields cookie i ate (one piece, baby), i had almost zero carbs yesterday. good job, me. good job ☺

of course, the challenge is how long i'll be able to keep up this healthy living (all that grocery shopping is expensive!!!) and how long i'll be able to stay away from cheetos twisted puffs (i avoided that aisle entirely). thank goodness i'm too stuffed right now to make a chippy-run over to 7-11 (i have my last giant pie from banapple as well as my lettuce-wrapped ham for breakfast to thank for the satiated hunger pangs) but i'm guessing one day i'll wake up craving for chippy like i never have before.

for the meantime though, people, i'd like to introduce you to healthy rosa. clap. clap.

*update: i just found out that contrary to my claim that yesterday was almost carb-less, lettuce has carbs. oh. then again, there's plenty fibers. go fiber go!!!

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trisha said...

good job rosa! eat healthy and avoid eating junk foods muna. eat less carb but more protein. :)

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