Wednesday, November 26, 2008

would you trust a lawyer wearing silver shoes with tiny balls?

yesterday i bought new shoes. call it the result of putting up on sale 25 pairs of shoes from your collection. all of a sudden, my shoe closet seemed so empty and in dire need of something to perk it up.

enter lovely silver shoes with silver balls and black grossgrain ribbon. factor in the fact that i saw them last saturday in alabang but they didn't have it in my size. add to that the fact that i saw them yesterday in megamall. think of a long, hard, difficult day writing a complicated pleading. now, wouldn't you also agree i deserve a new pair of shoes?

now, being the impatient person i am, i absoluted had to wear them today.

and so i did.

except that i forgot that one of the partners is taking me with him to a client meeting at two. i asked him yesterday if i should wear a suit and he said my normal clothes are fine. i just hope this also means that my sort of normal silver shoes with tiny silver balls are fine.

i sent a text message to my friends earlier asking if they'd trust a lawyer wearing silver shoes. my favorite reply came from rashel who said something like (i hate myself for clearing my inbox on my way to work) "well at least i know i can trust her fashion advice too."

well, i'll know later if my shiny shoes make the mark. for now, i'll just satisfy myself with the thought that no matter how tough a day i have ahead, my feet, at least, have begun celebrating the holidays

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