Monday, July 12, 2010

the weekend in numbers

11 a.m. - time i officially got out of bed on saturday
6/10 - rating for the new thai noodle place at the corner of tropical and el grande. sorely disappointed considering i had been wanting to try it for the longest time.
7 p.m. - time dinner with friends was supposed to begin.
1.5 - number of hours before dinner actually commenced
3 - number of hours before rey's kid asked why we were still there considering it was already late.
15 - number of minutes to get from rey's house to sucat where i was dropping off vanessa.
0 kph - spike's speed when the motorcycle with sidecar hit it.
1 - number of drunk drivers involved.
5 - number of policemen on the scene. it was right across a police detachment, thank god.
4 - number of references to Lindsay Lohan after they discovered that the guy was drunk.
Php235 - amount of money i spent to pay for the photos of the damage + the photocopying of my car's registration documents.
2 - number of times i went to rey's house -- realized i left my phone ... on the street!
5 - blessing i received that day: (1) car wasn't severely damaged; (2) vanessa and rey (separately) kept me company during the whole ordeal; (4) barkers prevented the man from getting away; (5) phone which was left on the side of the road at rey's village didn't get lost.
1 - number of drunk drivers i sent to jail. i was adamant i wasn't going to withdraw the complaint. what if he had killed someone instead of simply hitting my car?
0% - chances that a drunk driving charge will actually stick and that this guy will have learned his lesson already.
33 kms - distance traveled in one evening - house to SM Sucat to Conti's to 7-11 to Teoville to Sucat Interchange to Alabang to Teoville via Sucat to house. would you believe that that's farther than my house to UP Diliman?
4 a.m. - time i slept after the ordeal
8 a.m. - time i woke up the following day. turns out the owner of the motorcycle with sidecar was right outside my door.
2 - times i saw the mother of the guy cry.
2 - number of times i felt sorry for the mother.
25 - number of times the mother begged that i withdraw my complaint.
25 - number of times i said no.
3 - people who know about the ordeal
0 - number of times i want to discuss it after today.

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